Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Gushing about Go Greek and something else


     Last Sunday, BF and I had plans to watch THE movie (THOR), for lunch I hadn’t decided what to eat but M was craving for go greek’s lamb gyro plate, which is where we ended up dining to. Well, I know this isn’t the first time, but we just so love this place.

     So who is behind this wonderful creation? Is, Chef Rob Goco restaurateur of Cyma.

      A Greek fast food stall beyond reach. Prices are relatively affordable, for the Lamb gyro plate it will cost you P195, you can choose either greek rice or roasted potato. I opted for rice this time, I asked what kind of rice it is, since I usually order roasted potatoes, the man said it’s yogurt rice. The rice is really good, somewhat creamy and fluffy. You can get hummus for only P65 or P70   with 6 slightly thick slices of pita bread. We always order Hummus, and I noticed that they don’t serve it the same way. Sometimes they drizzle a lot of olive oil, but this time, it was an ample drizzle. But it still is good.


    The plate consists of fresh tossed salad, pita bread, the rice is topped with lamb and topped off with that yummy yellow sauce. It tastes like mustard but there must be something else in that sauce. It compliments well the lamb. There are also 2 sauces that comes with it (which is not in the picture), I think the white one is sour cream and the other one is some kind of olive based sauce or dressing for the salad. For a full plate, the price is definitely worth it. The salad, as always was served fresh but not wowed by it.


                        They should’ve put more olive oil in my opinion


      The first time I ate here, I think I tried the beef, and it was tough, too tough for my liking. Which is why I stay away from it. Phobia I guess? I just hate wasting money. So I suppose the lamb gyro plate will always be in our top list every time we dine in at Go Greek.

      For dessert I had White Hat’s yogurt with home made cheesecake, while M had his fix of chocolate mud pie from Blizzard. It’s funny how  they serve it upside down, I so want to mock them sometimes (sige nga kuya baliktarin mo ulit!) hehe.



    It was the perfect treat to cool ourselves since it was still warm inside the mall. There were a few spots that had cool aircons, but at least the movie house was cold. Oh, and M and I didn’t watch THOR in 3D only in 2D which is a wise decision.


   Till then!





  1. nom nom nom! :] i also like greek food hahaha! actually, i like all kinds of food ata. =__=

  2. @sugar: haha, oo nga eh, good for you and you don't get fat. not fair XD

  3. eto lang actually yung binabalikbalikan ko pagnagfufoodcourt ako sa Glo.

  4. @John: kami rin, recently we frequent go greek for some reason. Nakaka addict ang lamb and perfect with rice.

    Pero if not go greek, worlds chicken or savory kami.

  5. World's Chicken yung maraming serving di ba?

  6. @john: yup, it's ok naman. Masarap asian pasta nila.


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