Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Ellana free sample


   Quick post..

     I was looking around Ellana’s site for brushes and I happen to see a free sample, so I tried it filled in the details, then few minutes later I get an email. I have to pay P50 pesos for shipping fee but it was no biggie. I’ve been always intrigued with ellana’s intensive coverage powder, but I don’t really know what’s stopping me from buying it.

     When I used the maybelline mineral powder, I don’t really like the results, so I’ve stopped using it, thinking that mineral powder is not for me. Or it can be because of the poor brush quality it came with. So anyway, I got my free samples today! YEY!




   DSCN1941                                     Free sample sizes in zip locks



   I’m impressed with the texture of the powder. You can actually choose your skin tone color in one of the options when filling up the form, so you don’t have to worry about which shade you will get. My skin tone is warm by the way.

DSCN1943  So basically, what you get in the free sampler are: 2-perfect blend foundation, 1-concealer, 1-translucent finishing powder & 1-blush


   Color is really nice, what I love about the catalog is that it has a chart dummy (or whatever you call it), which shows different face shapes for application of your blush. For round faces like me, it should be below the cheeks, which I may have to get used to. Here’s a swatch


                                     I actually can’t wait tomorrow to try this out

    Names of the powder and concealer for warm tones




Swatch of the perfect blend foundation and translucent finishing powder.



      Swatch when blended. I’m actually worried if the one pack is good enough for my whole face.

      So far, I like the texture and coverage it gives, powder is very smooth. Now my only problem is, is that I need an appropriate brush for mineral make-up.

     If you want to get your free sample, or want to order you can check out the link here


  Till then!




  1. you just need a kabuki brush dear. :D beauty bar has an inexpensive one which also happens to be my first kabuki brush. ;) you can also try their kabukis. they have stalls in some sm branches. they have one in sm mla during weekends LOL! xD

  2. @sugar sugar: how much is the one at beauty bar? I'm thinking of buying from ellana. I remember they used to have at booth at sm makati, but when I chanced to go there, I couldn't find them anymore. too late the hero for me. haha!

  3. Katey, the Baby Buki from Ellana is good. I have it. It comes in a silver case. Oh, you have the brochure nga pala. And the Ellana stall is at SM Makati every weekends. If you can't drop by, tell me and I'll buy one for you. I'm also going there to buy a brush cleaner.

    Also, remember the rules of mineral makeup. Apply a tiny amount on a bowl/cap/whatever and swirl and tap. For the Ellana foundies, you only need like half a 5-centavo coin for your whole face. Too much and you'll look like a kabuki dancer. = )

  4. @Lady E: ay, I love it! yeah I do, ah okay, kaya siguro I didn't see it, kasi it was a weekday. Sige please buy me one, I'll pay up sa 15 rin. So that makes 3 payments na ha?

    Hmm, thanks for the tip E, really helpful, I'll do just that. I'll buy their foundation rin next time.

    Super thanks *hugs*

  5. Sureness! No probs. I'll buy you one. ^_^

  6. @Lady E: you're the best. thanks. ^_^

  7. @twitter-19247875:disqus hi there, I'm a warm beige :)


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