Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My very first: Urban Decay Ammo Palette


   Hello readers, yesterday I was so happy because of this


DSCN1850                                Urban Decay Ammo Palette

   Oh yes! my very first eye shadow palette, quite pricey but so worth it!  


  I definitely love the packaging, at first I thought it was big, but I was surprised to see that it’s a very slim case.




DSCN1837     The colors are wearable – I had a date with the BF last night, and I couldn’t resist trying the neutral colors. I’m a sucker for neutral eye shadows. Even without a primer Sin, chopper and smog was very pigmented. The chopper had crazy glitters that I put too much on. You only need prolly 2 swipes of this for the color to appear.


  I will make an EOTD next time when an occasion calls for it. But definitely I love my very first fabulous palette.  I asked the BF to gift me the coastal scents 28pcs neutral palette and I’m also so hyped up about it! I hope I get it soon. *winks at the BF*

  By the way, for your quick make up fix check out the hyphen.


   Till then!




  1. Ooohhh very nice. However, I will not be buying anything like that for now.

    I need to focus on my son's tuition hahaha

  2. *drool* *drool* *drool* i really can't get over this palette. urban decay eyeshadows are the best! I also thought that this palette was big (based on the pics) and I was surprised when I saw it up close and personal. sin is a really nice color.

    EOTD na!

  3. yay fie eyeshadow palettes! i'm sure you'll enjoy doing lots of look with this palette. :D

  4. @Kay: I know what you mean, I couldn't resist.

    @Lady E: Same here, kala ko rin big, but at least I can bring this anywhere.

    @sugarsugar: I sure will, can't wait.

  5. Those names for the eye-shadows are so cute! (And the stationery kitty~! CUTE!)


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