Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beauty talk: Colossal mascara review



   When I saw the colossal at the hyphen I couldn’t resist and it was perfect timing too since I was about to buy the Magnum which is the Philippine version of the Colossal. Which I find weird though, why not just supply the Colossal here in the phil since there’s a market for it.


     Anyway, enough about my babbling and on to the review. Hyphen is selling it for P450 only. Oh and before I forget, if you  follow Lady E, you get to have a 10% discount for like FOREVER~ that’s how generous she is.




                           Vibrant yellow packaging with purple logo


   A closer look of the bristles


Kitty says….

The bristles are quite fat, and when applying it you have to be careful not to smudge your eye area, same goes for applying the lower lashes. I find the formula really light. Though my lashes does not look way close to their adverstisment, I have thin and short lashes just so you know. Results may vary.

May_CreativePage_Templ * photo courtesy of: http://www.maybelline.com/products/63/eyes/mascara/volum-express-the-colossal-waterproof-mascara/glam-black/0?shadeId=341


    Here are swatches:







  • light weight formula
  • LOVE-LOVE the volume it gives me
  • perfect for everyday
  • gives me a natural curled lashes look


  • not available locally
  • thick bristles


    Well, I so love the colossal because of the volume, at least it’s promise of giving you volume stays true. It makes my lashes look longer. I took a picture as soon as I got to work, I didn’t retouch or rather re-curled my lashes. Only applied 1 coat. My only caveat about it, is the bristles, it’s too big that it’s hard to reach the small or thin lashes, specially in the lower lashes. Other than that, I simply love it!

     I believe HYPHEN still has some stocks of the Colossal, if interested do order.


   Till then!




  1. can I use your photos for marketing purposes? ^_^ pretty please?

  2. of course you can use my photos,haha
    wag lang buong face ko, nakakahiya, baka hindi ka bumenta niyan. LOL

    pero serious, i don't mind ;)


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