Sunday, June 12, 2011

Food talk: Trying something new at Teriyaki Boy


   As promised, here’s my food review from my food tripping with my friend Lady E last Friday.

    Food ordered were:

     Bottomless Ice tea~ bottomless is always good XD



 California Maki – who can go wrong with this loveable treat?



  Bacon Wrapped Asparagus – I forgot the actual name

    Nothing spectacular about it, (that is if you’re expecting) the bacon was smokey, the asparagus was crunchy. Personally? I LOVE IT! Please forgive me as I have forgotten how much it costs. I’m ordering this again next time with M. I definitely recommend this.


  Tempura Tuna Sashimi Tartare Red heart

    I saw this first at Teriyaki Boy’s poster in Alpha land, and when I saw this at Sybaritic Diversion's posts, I wanted to try it too. I really love this, decent chunks of tuna sashimi, tossed lightly with japanese mayo and lightly covered with tempura batter for that added crunch. It was around P165 I think, I may be wrong. For me, this is a 5 thumbs up order!

      E, loved this appetizer too




   On to the main course..

     Yakisoba – Their yakisoba was good, I was able to try it months ago with my eat out with my M. Though, the yakisoba in John and Yoko was totally rocking! But Teriyaki boy’s are not a disappointment.


   This was not how it was served, as soon as the lady waiter served it in the table, E was putting the veggies aside in her plate, she forgot that I was still taking photos. The serving may look small but it isn’t, not unless if you’re really really hungry.


   Ebi Tempura Ramen

     Supposedly, I would’ve opted for rice, but I wanted to try something else from their menu. The broth was good, noodles looked like instant noodles, served HOT! with 2 pcs of tempura. Fairly good, the shrimp was a tad thin, but still okay. I wasn’t able to finish the whole bowl.




   E’s mom had the chicken teriyaki bowl, but I wasn’t able to take a picture. I also can’t remember how much the total bill cost. E’s mom offered to lend me her Senior citizen card (thank you tita, nakatipid ako) hehe~ With discount, I only paid for P1,016 only. Not bad If I may say (the perks of a senior citizen card).

   Teriyaki Boy has won my heart again, for a fast food japanese restaurant and so far good service, it’s worth coming back to. Their service is efficient, so far with Alpha land and Glorietta (in front of Landmark). I commend them for that! I will definitely come back for more tuna tartare. The tartare is now my official favorite appetizer!


   What’s your favorite appetizer at Teriyaki boy?


   Till then!





  1. masarap talaga ung tartare! i wish i could eat more. medyo lumiit ung serving ng yakisoba nila ngayon. dinaan sa large cuts of cabbage. I got bitin with the noodles.

    for the asparagus thing, it's gyu asupara maki. it's very easy to make and i admit that their's is better than mine! the asparagus was crunchy and the bacon was just right. i would have finished the last roll but i have a limit on bacon too. it makes me dizzy kagad. like my bp shoots up really fast and really high.

    try the tanmen ramen next time. that's my favorite seafood ramen at Teriyaki Boy. Thank you for the treat dear sister!

  2. @Lady e: sarap noh? well if only you could. Aww, sayang sana nag order ka pa.

    thanks for the info, weh? di nga?! baka depende lang sa bacon?

    will definitely try the tanmen next time, thanks for the recommend. Most welcome sister. Rest well today, as you have another busy week ahead of you.

  3. i love their mapo tofu and wafu steak!! or the seafood teppanyaki.

  4. My fave from T-Boy is Curry Nasu Raisu/ eggplant curry :D I can order that everyday! LOL

  5. @[pinkc00kies]: thanks for the recommend, will try that soon.

    @aya: I love their curry rice too. Will try that eggplant next time. thanks~


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