Sunday, June 12, 2011

Food talk: Pancake house


   Another food review….

   I love Pancake House, I grew up eating there where Pancake House was at the back of Greenbelt, along side Luk Yuen and infront of Max’s and the park. The all time spaghetti seemed to stay the same which is good. My first order was the Lemon chicken, 2 pcs potato salad and bottomless ice tea.




    This was okay, the lemon taste was quite strong, the chicken pieces were very soft and still slightly crunchy and the asparagus was love~ I think this was not more than P180. I loved how the sauce was poured all over the plate.

  Potato salad…



   I LOVE potato salad, specially Pancake house’s! Somewhat soft, but still with chunks of potatoes, mixed with pickles and egg. Delish~


    I ate at the Megamall branch around almost 12pm already. There weren’t many people by that time (thank goodness), the service was efficient. My total bill cost me P300+ and If I remember it right, they don’t have service charge, but I left a tip.


   Take 2!

     I ordered the hamburger steak set something (I forgot the name), it consists of a big juicy hamburger steak, spaghetti and a side order of veggies, which was just corn and carrots.

2011-06-10 17.45.52

   *camera phone used


      The meat was sooooo juicy and thick, I LOVE it! the gravy was delish too~ spaghetti? the same as I tasted when I was a kid. I was reminiscing in time, haha~ This set costs around P200+ not more than P270. It comes with ice tea.

2011-06-10 17.38.14


    E had the warm potato salad…

   2011-06-10 17.43.55


    The branch we ate at was at Glorietta 5, I had a bad experience the one at Greenbelt 1. Pancake house will always be comfort food, with that homey feel I’ve grown with.


    Till then!






  1. I didn't know Pancake House is going Chinese with their lemon chicken... and this is my first time to see it with asparagus. It sounds really good. Hope I could visit soon.

  2. one can never go wrong with Pancake house, no! that's a lot of good food you had! sarap!

  3. @Chew on this: no naman, there's lots to choose from, from chicken ala king. I just chose the lemon chicken.

    @[pinkc00kies]: ME TOO!

    @Ms. Gita: sooo true, i love them! pancakes and taco's!

  4. tried their mediterranean pasta salad & twas good. i requested a diff dressing though coz i dont like any mayo-based stuff :) my all time faves include the omelettes, blueberry or choco chip pancake, homestyle bangus and the classic meat sauce spaghetti! :) my sister uber loves their mango crepe.


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