Friday, October 01, 2010

Grocery haul


    Payday came and I’m glad to have managed (yes it is so hard not to spend once I have the money in my hands) to save for the beauty haul next month or so. So I just bought the essential things I needed, like soap, lotion, blotting film and cream. Here’s what I bought


  l-r: Kojie san lightening soap, Olay fresh reviving, Gatsby blotting film and PONDS white detox in cream

    For whitening soaps, I always buy the Kojie san, it maintains my fair complexion and I love the smell of the lotion. It’s effective so far, more so if with continued use. I also bought the OLAY soap, among the 3 variants, this smelled more fragrant. I was able to try the purple one, well it is moisturizing but I noticed that the soap melts easily, other than that, I love Olay. Gatsby is my staple blotting film, it a MUST have in my kikay kit. For the cream, before I thought the Garnier cream was great but eventually, I stopped using it since it makes my skin look darker, maybe acidic? I guess I will always be hiyang with PONDS. Normally, I’d buy the pink one but since I noticed some dark spots on my  face, I’d like to eliminate that first. My skin is in a not so great condition right now.


    This is the Kojie-san lotion, I already made a post about it a few months ago, so I won’t go into detail about it anymore. Beside the lotion is a ring, a friendship ring for the girls in the office. First, it was supposed to our team’s friendship ring, but then I have other friends in other teams so I suggested (if they want) to buy one as well. A good friend of mine is helping her cousin with the SOPHIE (Sophie is a retail store, just like AVON) and we all bought mood rings to match. It’s so highschool but I love it. Thanks Cathie! Can’t make a close up picture since my phone is crappy, but it’s a simple mood silver ring with a heart design. My friend Karen forgot to wear her ring one time and I told her (During dinner at the pantry) “Friendship OVER!” haha! I was just kidding! 


        Well, that’s about it. Can’t wait for the 5th anniversary celebration with the BF.


  1. a lovely face such as yours, who'd need those stuff. :)

  2. @cafe'mobility: oh shucks, thanks. But I do, ^_^

  3. Oh my god! ang daming typo, gggrrrr! Sorry about that readers, but I'm sure you get the drift right? XD

  4. Koji San has a lotion pala. I just bought my mom the soap. I hope the lotion is not expensive.

  5. @MrsMartinez: Yes they, the bigger one is around P200+ though.


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