Friday, June 10, 2011

Tech talk: Geeking over my Galaxy ACE~


    And finally! In my very hands, I now own the Samsung Galaxy ACE!

   Originally, I wanted the Huawei Ideos or the LG Optimus ME, (which are) if you want an affordable Android phone. It’s not that bad, but what I didn’t expect was how the screen would look like. I thought all were the same, and I got used to M’s Itouch. He said, if I wanted an android that is close to having the Itouch’s crisp screen resolution, I’d have to go with a mid range one – and so, came the ACE!

    I bought mine a few days ago, M accompanied me to Megamall at Cyberzone. I got mine for P13,750 which includes a 2GB SD card, screen protector and a jelly case.

    Here’s what’s inside the box:


   It comes with 2 discs, 1 quick guide manual, an extra back cover (white), usb cable, headset and the charger (charger not in pic sorry). And here’s a comparison in width with M’s Itouch



           I would’ve preferred a sleek gadget but this time I don’t mind.

    The ACE comes with a 5MP camera with LED flash, here are sample photos

2011-06-08 00.23.12

2011-06-09 00.58.16

2011-06-09 00.58.50

                                                                    with flash

2011-06-09 12.05.58

2011-06-09 12.07.35

2011-06-09 20.52.01

                                       lil brother and sister – with flash

   The camera is not that bad, it has auto focus already which makes the job easier. More reviews to come soon.

     By the way here are the basic specs in case you’re curious:


   I’m still geeking on my new phone and of course, being  my baby, I want the best screen protector for it, I had an InvisiShield installed for only P800 (front only)


  Till then!





  1. your sis is wearing a cat shirt! neat!

    hi tabby!

  2. so what apps do you have. i will share mine too.

  3. @john: puro gaming pa lang eh, I'll be downloading the blogger app and social apps later.

    what do you have and recommend?

  4. my apps, although minsan ko nalang ginagamit Android ko, kase di ba, i have iPhone 4, tapos may N8 pa ako. so doble or triple triple na gamit ko. mabigat sa bag. this is based on what i can remember kase iPhone 4 gamit ko as of this writing:

    1) RingDroid for ringtone customization
    2) Facebook of course for FB-ing
    3) JuideDefender for battery management
    4) Advance Task Killer for task management
    5) Google SkyMap for my astronomy job
    6) Telescope Calculator for my stargazing session
    7) Dolphin Browser for my default browser, make sure to clear your cache and cookies because it'll eat up your space
    8) Cineplayer for HD video playtime
    9) Quick Office is a default office productivity app
    10) RetroCamera, Camera360, and FX Camera for camwhoring
    11) Picsay for pacute pic effects
    12) Gun Bros, Rio, Jewel, Bonsai, RoboDefense, GraveDefense, Guns n Glory, and Ninjump for my no-brainer pathetic games :)
    13) Mapdroyd although i don't need it kase i have a map at the back of my head(not literally). i am a born metropolitab prowler so i know places.
    14) Twitter, YM, Skpe for social connection
    15) 8,500+ Drink Recipes for my social function kunwakunwarian na marunong uminom

  5. @john: grabe ang dameeee~ pakk! ikaw na, naka iphone 4 at N8. I saw a pink N8 ang cute! anyway, thanks for sharing with your apps. From your lists, I think I'll get ringdroid, juicedefender.

    I have skype, ano skype mo?

    lols at pathetic games.


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