Friday, July 01, 2011

Product review: Skin care–Human nature Balancing facial wash (for the oilies)


    I’ve tried a couple of Human Nature products already, but can’t seem to have a favorite until last night. My mom’s friend is a re-seller of Human Nature, so we have quite a lot in the vanity dresser. Among those, I found this one.

DSCN3601             Human Nature Balancing facial wash Orange & Elemi with Bamboo scrubs




      As you can see, the consistency is a gel type and just slightly thicker than the mineral flowers facial wash that I have. It has bamboo scrubs that are good enough to remove impurities in the face. The orange scent is evident and has a slight tinge of mint, which gives it a slight cooling sensation and lathers up quite well. So, why does Kitty approve? refer to picture below~


     Targeted for oily faced ladies like me (yey).  Last night, my face was super oily. I waited until night time so I can do my usual night regimen (will post about that soon). After such, I am surprised that this facial wash exceeds my expectations. It cleansed well and love the slight minty feel. But there was one thing I noticed after, a part of my cheeks felt slightly sticky. But it wasn’t so bad really. I’ve yet to observe if it can hold up in the day, but there’s always the blotting film to remove excess oil.

     And because it’s a rave I  will definitely purchase one for myself.

     This bottle of wonder is definitely a rave for me 4/5 stars~



      Do you have any human nature favorites? what are they? share~



         Till then!




  1. Wow the bamboo scrubs look nice. I haven't really tried Human Nature skin care products but I have used some of their hand sanitizers and hand cream. So far, I like those. :)

  2. facial wash with confetti? wow.

    teka, is this like celeteque with microbeads?

  3. @catmare: they are noh? on the photo it looks soft but it's not really. I've tried only a couple and this is my only favorite.

    @kate: great! what particular product is your favorite?

    @john: it does look like confetti, as for the celeteque question, I don't know since I don't use celeteque

  4. will try this kitten. thanks for the review! :)

  5. @sugar: let me know how it goes for your sugar~

  6. havent tried any of their products but this looks ok. how much?

  7. @ [pinkc00kies]: the 50ml is around P85, this is the only HN product I use~

  8. Does boys Can use this also? 


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