Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Musikal~


   Hi everyone, sorry if I haven’t been blogging lately, I apologize. Been busy with work lately.

    Last Sunday, M and I watched the play ZsaZsa Zaturnnah ze musikal at CCP. I was so worried, since I didn’t enjoy the movie that much. But boy, the play was a treat! First off, I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures, I only had 2 hours of sleep and competing with other people having their taken pictures with the actors was difficult.

    Before I continue, for those who don’t know what ZsaZsa is, let me tell you a short description about it. The creator is non other than Carlo Vergara or Visconde Carlo Vergara, a local comic book artist/writer.

“Zsazsa Zaturnnah is a comics character created in 2002 by Carlo Vergara. She debuted in the National Book Award-winning graphic novel, "Ang Kagila-gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Zsazsa Zaturnnah."

    About the character: Zaturnnah, a powerful and voluptuous female with large red hair and a muscular physique, is reminiscent of the DC Comics character Wonder Woman and the classic Filipino superhero Darna. The distinct difference is the sexuality of her alter ego Ada, who is an effeminate homosexual male. The proprietor of a small town beauty salon, Ada receives a huge spiky stone that, when ingested, physically transforms him into Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah.


   I first met him a few years back during the Komikon event held at UP Bahay ng Alumni. He was really so nice to us, aside from my admiration in his works, I love his personality.

      Ze musikal (IMHO) is far way better than the movie, no offense. The whole time we we’re laughing so hard, the actors were really good even Eula Valdez who played the role of ZsaZsa Zaturnnah. She may not be a singer, but she pulled it off graciously. Dodong, Ada’s love interest was not the way we pictured, but it was still okay. My favorite scene was when ZsaZsa, Ada and their deceased father met at the cemetery, I loved the song and almost cried. Well, they were selling the album actually but at that time M and I we’re on a very tight budget. There was also t-shirts too, sigh. The only thing we bought was the preview comics, but it was a lot more better. I now can’t wait for the full book (part 2), I’m actually curious where Didi is, haha~ I suppose the only thing I didn’t like about the place is that I find it hot.

      Ever since M introduced me to the local comics world, I have so much respect for these artists. We watched the 3pm show, so here’s the only photos we had that day.


                                     with the creator – Visconde Carlo Vergara


    We had to take a quick shot since there were a lot of people in line wanting to have their pictures taken too.




   Here’s my book which was signed during the Mangaholix event a year ago


     It was so cool, that he even took the time to draw for me. Thanks Sir Carlo!



     Till then!




  1. I was able to watch the movie and I enjoyed it. I bet the musical is just as interesting! I have a couple of college batchmates who are part of the cast. :)

  2. @kari: the movie was not for me, though I liked Pop's characterization of queen femina.

    ah really? that's so cool.

  3. Damn it! I wasn't able to watch. I hope they restage this. WAHHHH!

  4. @kay: they still have one last showing this coming saturday, try to go if you can. They are selling album and tshirts there too.

  5. i am not really fond of plays, the last one i attended was Vagina Monologue at philam plaza in UN avenue. i think ZZZ is a very good and artistic craft as most people who went into the play are raving about it.

  6. i was at the Miss Saigon play by the way, PICC, because of the complimentary pass one of the participants of the play gave me. she was even surprised why i kow most of the original cast.

  7. @John: It depends what kind of plays you watch. I think the Vagina monologue is boring since it's mostly monologue-ish. I wouldn't like to watch people talk.

    Repertory has good shows, we used to watch shows of repertory way back when it was in shangri-la pa. Now it's in onstage greenbelt 1.

    I've watched shows like miss saigon, les miserables and my fair lady, but I was young then and slept the whole time. Now I wished that I could watch it again.


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