Thursday, June 30, 2011

Skin care: Olay bar soap is my HG


      I used to have this perception in achieving great skin (with results), I thought was only possible through spending so much money like going to Belo, derma’s etc. But I was wrong, and Olay has proven it so many times already. I used to buy their Olay total effects, the bottle can last a long time which is a worthy buy. My mom and tita complimented me that my skin complexion looked better (but that was a long time ago). I suppose that was enough feedback to tell that the product does work. I stopped buying for some reason I don’t know why. Probably because there are dozens of skin products to try. But, if there is one Olay product that I consider my HG (holy grail) is their Body soap age defying. This is a staple in my shower routine and it IS LOVE!

     The first time this came out in the commercial, I wasn’t really convinced, of course it’s TV! I thought I was okay with whitening soaps, but there was one time when I made a product review and needed to have it swatched, I noticed my skin looked dull and “Aged”. And it has been more than a year that I’ve been using this wonderful product. Surprising that you don’t really need to spend much to have that glowing skin. I’m loyal to their age defying soap bar, sometimes I use the green one too. True to their word it is indeed moisturizing, it made my skin smoother which M also noticed. I can’t really remember the first time I used olay soap but it is a staple in my hauls (haha).


*This is an on old photo which I took a few months before, camera used was my 2MP Nokia Xpress music phone.

haul 2

haul 1

haul 3


    The only draw back is that the moisturizing bar melts easily. Other than that, everything is love! I can definitely see myself using this for a long time, which gave me an idea. I’m thinking of having a giveaway either before this year ends or early next year and Olay will definitely be in it.


      Any Olay fans out there? I can’t wait to do some hauling soon and hoard, hehe.



        Till then!





  1. Great collection of products.I was not knowing that their is bode bar of olay also.

  2. me me! i love olay! i have this thinking pa nga na "basta olay, okay!" haha! i'm a fan of that soap too! very moisturizing sa body. the best feeling is after taking a bath, ang soft sa skin. i love it as much as i love my dove soap. but i agree, they melt easily. try the olay body wash (you could purchase them in Metro Ayala malls like market2). that's even more moisturizing

  3. Olay's age-defying bar is pretty good, but washes too much like a Dove bar for me to like it well enough to buy it often.

  4. @yonka: thank you~

    @kikaysimaria: ive seen their body wash, maybe ill try them out next time.

    @midge: it is, personally, i don't mind. what do you use instead?

  5. i tried this one, too! and yes, other than the fact that it does get a bit soggy quick and softens too much, it works great diba. moisturizes the skin so well!

  6. @Gita: it is noh? i just simply love their bars.

  7. I love the age defying bar also. The fresh reviving variant just doesn't have the nice smell of the age defying one haha :) this is the soap that made me believe in bar soaps again, because I found all of the ones I used before too drying immediately after they were washed off.

  8. @Kari: I've always used soaps, but more of whitening ones, I just rely on lotions to make my skin softer. I can't help but rave about this soap. Thanks Kari~

  9. I have already tried this. Sadly, it irritated my skin. I have sensitive skin. And sometimes, products make me itch. This one did. :( I currently use Dove now. Been using it for quite a while.

  10. there is one soap that i particularly love before. it is a Black Pearl distributed by Hortaleza outlets. i don't know kung meron pa sila. ang dali kase mauubos stocks eh, nagstock na nga ako. nauubusan pa ako.

  11. @catmare: i see, well, it may not be for everyone. but thanks for sharing anyway~

    @john: i've heard about that, or I think I watched it sa UKG (umagang kay ganda news) a long time ago. You still buy them pa?


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