Sunday, July 03, 2011

Food trip weekend date


    Food trip weekend and some quality shopping time with M. Spent the whole day in Makati to shop for his gym clothes and gloves. He’s been hitting the GYM for the past few weeks already, started off with jogging then going to a gym near his place. I can definitely say that he lost some weight. As for me, just dancing in closed doors and using our stationary bike for an hour ( I just started last week, and still have a loong way to go).

     We canvassed for his gloves at Parksquare at the same time looked for prospect laptops that I will soon be investing on. It was nearing lunch at that time, and because we’re keeping expenses at minimal we ate at SM Food court.


                                                   On our way to Glorietta~       

     In our previous dates, M introduced me to TURK’s, by far this IS the best (cheap) shawarma I have tried. Usually, there’s this after smell of eating shawarma, which is why I avoid eating it when on a date with M. The first time I tried it was at SM Bicutan, but wasn’t able to take pictures, so this time I made sure I did. The beef was sort of sweet and doesn’t taste or smell malansa. Even the onions they use is sweet too. You can choose your shawarma with veggies or all meat. All meat in small size costs P45.

     The smell reminds me of isaw (chicken or pork intestine), which I really liked. But of course it doesn’t taste like isaw okay? 100% beef NO CARA BEEF~

2011-07-02 12.33.34

2011-07-02 12.33.20



                                All meat shawarma with hotsauce is heaven~

     I’m not ashamed to say that we eat in places like food court (just keeping it real). This was our appetizer, for lunch I tried Mr. Kimbob while M had BBQ (will make a separate review for it).

    For our merienda, I was still craving for Chowking’s Nai Cha and some empanada’s. When we passed by Jollibee, we saw something new: Chicken Nuggets, which M had.

C360_2011-07-02 17-16-18_org

                                                                 Nai Cha P39


                                         Assorted Empanada P5.50 each (small)

         The name of the kiosk is Empanada, which you can find at MRT stations. Back when I was working at Ortigas, I usually have this for breakfast on the way home.




     Their chicken nuggets had some bits of pieces of carrots, and IMHO their nuggets are comparable to Mcdonald’s only without the BBQ sauce and much softer. The meal costs P110 I think.

       I asked M if we could check out Toy Kingdom and of course he gladly obliged. I saw a really pretty hello kitty cushion, I wasn’t able to take ninja pictures of it though because both my phone and digital camera DIED on me (pfffft)! Most of the pictures here are from M’s Itouch. My visit to Parkquare will not be complete without visiting Bio research and was really happy to see a kitten and adult Siamese

2011-07-02 12.22.41


        For dinner, M was really intrigued with my lunch (Mr. Kimbob) which is why he had the same thing. I was in the mood for Kowloon’s siomai and had their yellow rice.

C360_2011-07-02 20-15-27_org

C360_2011-07-02 20-16-47

                     Pork siomai and 1 order of rice from Kowloon only P70



         To end the day, my M treated me to a sweet fix and sort of “splurged” a bit at Starbucks, advanced celebration of our 50th plus anniversary. Thanks love, really appreciate it a lot.


    His usual fix of chocolate cream something and my Soy and strawberries and cream (camera used Itouch). The Soy and strawberries were rockin’ good! and tasted like milkshake. As usual, Starbucks at Glorietta 4 is always full.


      I had fun yesterday, no hauls though. Hope I didn’t leave you hungry with all the food photos (hehe). As usual, here’s a photo of the spoiled kitty who was happy to see me last night. LOL!



     In essence, my day yesterday was relaxing, it’s nice to get away from the negative vibes and spend the whole day with the one you love. The highlight was the TURKS shawarma, Staruck’s Soy and strawberries and cream and Jollibee’s chicken nuggets is a must try!


       Have you tried any of those? excited to try? share~



      Till then!





  1. I really love reading about your dates with your man. It's always so full of love and you can just feel that you guys know the value of what you have.

  2. @kay: thanks kay, that's sweet of you~

  3. I love shawarma! Haay nainggit ako sa shawarma. I wanna eat one right now. =/

    Is that Tabby? I'm wondering, do you let him out or does he stay inside of the house?

  4. @catmare: hahaha, sarap siya promise.

    as for tabby, he goes out but not that long. why?

  5. I was just wondering. Kasi my Tabby stays within our premises even if he's out in the garden for so long, he never leaves. But my other cat, lakwatsero. He was gone for two days nga, I got worried. But yesterday he came back. They're both male.

  6. @catmare: maybe because he's in heat? naku my cat dati 1 week nawala then bumalik na lang, all dirty. I guess it depends on the cat?

  7. baka nga. sabi nila baka daw nanligaw. =/ but i'm glad he's back na.

  8. bomba ba shawarma dito teh? saang banda yung mga stall ng Turks.

  9. fave na fave ko before yung shawarma, until a kitchen confidential was disclosed to me by a chef(someone close) who divulge about horse meat horror.

  10. @john: oo, this is the only reason why i would eat shawarma again. Ang alam ko lang na stalls are at sm bicutan and sm makati food court.


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