Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ramblings and an unexpected food trip~


    Love is truly a wonderful thing, but it wasn’t always easy. I’ve been through a lot of painful pasts and when my heart and mind got tired, I stopped and decided that I have to stop the foolishness. But, If there is one thing that I do not regret is that, I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes, it was painful and at first I thought I would never recover the pain, but eventually it did.

   No, this is not a love story I promise, haha! Just let me ramble on some more. I’ve been through so much pain, and know that in this day, there are only a few decent men out there (and I’m lucky to have met one of those and more luckier that he is my soul mate). I suppose, being the second to the eldest daughter, I could not help but be protective of my younger sister (20 years old). I don’t want her to go through the pain I went through, but then, the only way to learn is for her to experience it herself. My sister is now dating a man for the first time! A few years older than she is, but not that old.

   Yesterday, was an unexpected food trip, my sister’s best friend is spending the weekend with us and around late in the afternoon, I was a bit dressed up and A said if I were going out, I said no, I just got home. PERFECT! She says, “I’m going to meet up with J later and introduce P to him, please go with me?” My sister and I are really close, she always introduces me to her friends as the famous ate (sister). She always brags about my cooking, and recently when I do her make-up. So anyway, I met his suitor for the first time. We were supposed to eat at Mcdonald’s, since our mom was home and we didn’t want to stay that late, but we ended up eating at Buddy’s along Kalayaan Avenue.

2011-07-23 19.20.07

2011-07-23 19.21.11

2011-07-23 19.20.47

     My sister ordered for me and P, they got pizza, sisg and longganisa.

2011-07-23 19.32.36

2011-07-23 19.33.40

2011-07-23 19.33.32

2011-07-23 19.54.38

    The Lucban longganisa was good, it wasn’t my first time to eat at Buddy’s actually, but I definitely like their food a lot even the pizza.

2011-07-23 20.38.13_edit0-1

                                      me, Jimmy and Patricia

     Right after dinner, J asked if we wanted to have coffee, we gladly accepted his offer, but of course we were shy since he paid for everything. But then again, as my sister says, he should be! haha~ Good thing, there was a near Starbuck’s branch along Reposo Makati, so we just walked going there.

2011-07-23 20.52.41

2011-07-23 21.27.39

2011-07-23 21.11.49

               I had the usual, Soy strawberries and cream frap~ yum!

    * All photos were taken with my camera phone

     I had fun spending time with P, as for J, well, he’s okay I guess, he was nice and talkative. Last night turned out to be a swell experience, as for the food, of course it was delish! Sisig is always good! Actually, I remembered one of my dear readers (Gita). One of the tables ordered cassava cake, and she loves cassava, haha.


     By the way, while I was in Shopwise I say this…

2011-07-18 15.14.24

                     More cat supplies to choose from, thank god!

2011-07-19 11.00.31



      What would you feel if your younger sister is dating?



      Till then!





  1. Buddy's!! I miss their pancit :-( and yeah, the budin is so good!!!

  2. ganun talaga, pagkasma mo gf mo with a friend or with friends, lalake talaga magbayad. it's a social obligation. :) kaya dapat, sa kanyang lakaran, isama mo rin ako. bwahahaha.

  3. hmmm... it depends on who my sister is dating. :3 if i like the guy i'm very nice. if i don't i will always try to ruin their plans. *evil laugh LOL!

    kidding aside, i've been with my sister and her bf and it's ok with me. :D i actually enjoy talking to younger people since they tend to make me feel younger.

  4. @[pinkc00kies]: their pansit is panalo talaga!

    @john: i guess so, wahahaha~

    @sugar: that's true, if i don't like the person halata sa face and actions ko that i don't like them. Hahaha, LOL!

  5. Next time you head over to Buddy's try the pancit Lucban and the squid sisig on rice!

  6. @Midge: ive tried their pansit lucban, i will try the squid sisig rice next time. thanks~


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