Saturday, July 23, 2011

Something came in the mail today: MEOW~


   Quick post….

    Something came in the mail today. It was unexpected actually, I am still recovering on a bad case of dry cough and was feverish the other day. When this certain meow despite her busy busy schedule, thoughtful as ever wanted to make me feel better.

   We’re friends on facebook, so when this meow saw my post and posted a comment I was curious (she told me to wait for manong xend delivery boy).


            The minute I touched the package I knew it wasn’t makeup



                                           A pretty silver box~


    And that meow is my good friend E (Lady E). It was perfect timing, I was a little irritated because my mom lost my other pair of pearl earrings, which came from Boracay and when I saw the E gifted me a set of earrings, NONE THE LESS a HELLO KITTY earring, it was far a better replacement for the lost pearl.



    I so can’t wait to wear this next week, M and a couple of our friends will be watching Captain America this weekend. And I can’t wait for M to see this earrings. hehe~ Thanks E, and of course, I miss you too, I’m going to treat you out next time we see each other again.


   Yes, I love ANYTHING hello kitty, I hope M will buy me the hello kitty stuff toy at Toy kingdom soon.


     Till then!





  1. Those are nice. My mom, sis, and you will get along fine. :) They love hello kitty!

  2. @Kay: hehe, thanks, i'm sure we will~

    @john: haha~

  3. Awww this is a nice gift from your friend! Lucky girl ...



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