Thursday, July 07, 2011

Surprise visit + A day in the life of….


    Hey everyone, weekend is almost here! M and I had dinner tonight near my place. It was a surprise visit actually, as I was not expecting him to go to my house but he did and treated me out for a Mcdonald’s dinner. I was running out of basic stocks, so I just bought a few things at Shopwise Makati. On our way there, I was happy to see this.

C360_2011-07-07 21-05-14

     Shakey’s soon to open near my place! WOOT! So happy, at least when I’m craving for Mojo’s or Pizza Bianca it’s just a few houses away from my home. Anyway, I didn’t really buy much and I was bummed that they don’t have the Olay age defying bar anymore, just the new ones. The lady said it was phased out already, but I’m not sure if it’s true. I doubt it though, I just bought the pink bar instead.

2011-07-07 21.21.57


                                                             waiting in line~ 

    Shopwise is now WIFI ready, and in fairness the connection is quite good. So when it’s a weekend and there’s a long line just bring out your phone and surf away. For dinner, we had 4 choices, KFC, Mcdonald’s, Chowking and Heaven’s, because I needed to (still) download something, I asked if we could eat at Mcdo instead (wifi whore, sorry. LOL)!

2011-07-07 20.01.19

2011-07-07 19.55.14

2011-07-07 19.58.11

                                 Have you collected yours now? I haven’t Sad smile

2011-07-07 20.01.49

                                                        Shake shake fries BBQ~

    I’m loving a new product now, will make a review in my next post, but in the mean time here’s what it is.

C360_2011-07-07 21-40-16



                       Highlight? I can’t wait for Shakey’s to open soon. hehe~

   What I love about my place is that it is accessible to everything, the grocery, public transport and food joints. LOL! As always, here’s a photo of my cat. Let’s play Where’s Wally, but instead Where’s Tabby?


2011-07-07 11.08.42



      Till then!





  1. LOVE that photo of Tabby! SO cute! :D

  2. @kate: haha, he is. He sleeps at unusual places~

  3. Tabby is so cute. :P

    Shake shake fries is back??? I want one of the glasses too. :)

  4. @Pammy: thanks~ yes it's back, but I don't know until when it will be available. Me too, i want the pink one

  5. i am so collecting those glasses! starting now! :P

    *ordering mcdo online LOL!

  6. I want to grab that cheeseburger from your tray waaah! that truly made me hungry.

  7. Awww, your cat sleeps in the funniest places!

  8. OH.MY.GOSH! Magkaka Shakey's na sa atin???? Wheeeeeee!!!!!!!

    Complete na Mcdo glasses namin! Another wheeeeeee!!!!!!

    Tabby, pisat pisat!

  9. @sugar: LOL, the BF refrained me from buying :(

    @Chew on this: waaaah, hehehe~

    @Midge: yes he does~

    @Lady E: OO! saya diba??? weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    wow, buti ka pa. In fairness ganda ng glass noh?

  10. Nice to know that more and more shops are getting wifi ready!

  11. @[pinkc00kies] : they are, i hope i get to collect them soon

    @*MrsMartinez*: yes, it's a necessity na. LOL!


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