Saturday, October 27, 2012

Inside A Cat’s Mind–Thankful


This week has been one of the best so far recently. Just this morning as I was preparing for a shoot, I checked my email and received an invite. I can’t disclose details about it yet, but it’s a pretty interesting one and most importantly something I’m addicted to. Don’t worry, if you know me, I would definitely blog about the event after.

My sister and I are still on a happy hangover from the contest we won and so is our mom, that she wrote a short article about us in her weekly Street Smart section. Thanks mom!

My mom was really happy for us for winning an awesome prize from Samsung Mobile Philippines.


Aside from that, I’m so happy and excited to have seen our (work) line up for last year. I’ll explain about that too when the time is right.

In the mean time, I sure have something to be thankful about for 2012 after all. God has been good despite the challenges I had to endure, but thank you Lord, slowly the reason for my pain is revealed right in front of me.

Happy Long Weekend everyone!


Till Then!




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