Monday, August 01, 2011

Food talk: Banoffee Pie at Starbucks


     If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog, you know by now that I have a sweet tooth. For my weekend food trip with M, we stayed at Starbuck’s, Glorietta while waiting for our friends. The branch at Glorietta had a couple of cakes available and one of which is their Banoffee pie. MY FAVE! Bananas, toffee, chocolate and cream are a match made in heaven.

Banoffee pie:

      Is an English pastry based dessert, made from bananas, toffee from boiled condensed milk, cream, either on a pastry base or one made from crumbled biscuits and butter.




     Starbuck’s banoffee pie had crumbled biscuits and butter as crust, then layered with bananas with just the right sweetness and texture. And then drizzled with toffee (which tasted like caramel), and chocolate, topped with cream. Instead of serving a slice, they have individual servings for each.



    I haven’t tasted a lot of Banoffee pie’s to compare with, they say Banapple has the best cakes and pie’s. I know Starbuck’s doesn’t make their own cakes or pie’s, they get theirs from a supplier (correct me if I’m wrong), but whoever made this, I enjoyed every piece of it. For the price, well, most cakes from Starbuck’s costs more than P120+, this was the “cheapest”.


  • Crust was just right, tasted like regular ground biscuits
  • Buttery and nutty crumbled crust
  • Large chunks of bananas
  • Generous amount of caramel, whipped cream and chocolate syrup


  • Can be too sweet for others


     This review may not be as comprehensive as I want it to be, since I haven’t really tried other banoffee pie’s to compare with, but for the record, if you’re just into something sweet and likes to keep it simple, this won’t disappoint.


                                   Empty tin can says it all right?



          Till then!





  1. Hi dearest Kate!
    I'm salivating right now....
    Looks soooo yummylicious!
    Have a great day!

  2. @Kaye: Hi there! haha, it is. I know your a starbucks fan too, hehe. Same here, have a great week ahead! :)

  3. FOOD PORN!! This is my fave at Starbucks too :)

  4. @lorsee: nice, super yummy noh?

  5. loved this! i think it is about time for another helping no? :)

  6. @gita: i think so too, i want to have another one pa, haha.


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