Monday, August 01, 2011

Weekend date: Movie, friends and food


   Last weekend the metro experienced a gloomy weather, but it did not stop us from watching Captain America and meeting our friends. Around 10am it was raining hard, we were hungry so we decided to have brunch at Mcdonald’s near our place. We stayed until the rain subsided.


    I had 1 sausage mcmuffin and 2 hashbrowns, nothing beats mcdonald’s sausage mcmuffin and it’s the only breakfast item I eat there.


     Coffee because I was feeling groggy with a slight headache – bad idea

     As soon as the rain stopped, we went to Glorietta to spend some us time, just the two of us. And by us time, means, we went to Toy kingdom and Parksquare to check out gadgets and toys, hehe! Parksquare is my haven, LOL! And of course, I never fail to pass by the hello kitty stuff toys… No, I didn’t buy it, I’m just waiting for M to surprise me one day with this, hehe. *cough cough* XD


   On our way to Glorietta 4, we passed by lush and saw this pretty pink banner, with my first name on it. Okay, now you know my first name  ^__^


                                     Imogen is my first name

    Even if the seats for the movie was reserved seating, we still didn’t want to be late, so we stayed at Starbucks, Glorietta 4 and had dessert. Well, I had dessert while M had his usual fix of choco frap.

Picnik collage


   As soon as our friends arrived, we decided to fall in line already, and boy the line was a long one. From cinema 6, all the way to Dairy queen.

2011-07-30 16.41.02


     After the movie, we had dinner at Pizza hut, I tried something new. Shrimp and garlic pasta, it was good. Picture is blurry though, I didn’t notice that there was a small handprint in the lens.



      We ordered pasta and 2 family sized pizza’s, cheese pizza and bacon cheeseburger. Since it’s a group dinner, I didn’t want to take time taking pictures, so I just took a photo of mine. As usual, M is very predictable, he ordered his usual Bolognese. Thanks babe for the treat, really appreciate it~

       Next time we visit Pizza hut, I’m going back for the Shrimp and garlic.


        Have you watched Captain America yet? The after credit clip was THE BOMB! It’s THE movie I want to watch! Thor made the ladies scream like crazy!


       Till then!




  1. i have watched it at the comfy of my homey. i didn't like it that much, even action scenes are a bit bitin.

    there is one scientific flow in tha movie(as well as the comics though). the fact that captian america has been aslept for 70years? because of the permafrost when he tried to deflect the plane from new york, that medical condition is called CRYOSTATIS. some species(mostly amphibians) can survive it because of the intrinsic natural anti-freeze chemically converted processes in their body, humans don't have that. so in reality, captain america would have been dead. ;)

    by the way, the downloaded file(oh dear piracy, forgive me) didn't include post-movie credits, so kwento mo sa akin ano nangyari sa last part.

  2. @john: I know why you didn't watch it sa movies john, kasi maraming tao. Well it isn't about cool super powers or effects or what not. It's a struggle of the soldier to be accepted by society/ fellow soldiers.

    there were a few scenes na medyo off nga, but still i find it okay. Eh super serum nga diba? mabilis mag generate and cells niya, parang si wolverine, kaya he can withstand the temperature?

    sayang, ay nako john, it was super cool, after nung after credits, sumigaw si martin then nag clap, then everyone joined sa pag clap sa movie house. Black widow, hawk eye, thor and iron man was there, nick fury too. Thor has this effect on ladies i think, LOL!

  3. I tried to read john's comment but stopped. I can't read Johns scientific comments on an empty tummy. So, moving on...

    I love sausage mcmuffin! And the shrimp and garlic is my favorite at pizza hut! I tried to replicate it before and succeeded! wahahaha! kelan ko kaya maluluto ulit un?

  4. @e: naka relate naman ako dun sa scientific analysis ni john, pero di na ako makikipag argue sa kanya. wahahaha!

    when you have the time. make one pls


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