Thursday, August 11, 2011

My sister’s make up for School and Solid perfume


    Just one more day before weekend and I can’t wait! Anyway, for today’s post is a FOTD for school worn by my sister Amanda. I wanted to give her a simple sweet look with the new pink eye shadow her classmate gave her, but she said she wanted a “fierce” look. I did a pretty simple look, I used a felt tip liner to give that intense look she wanted.

    Products used were:

    For the eyes: Maybelline felt tip liner in black, my over used Shu uemura eye pencil, Maybelline volum’ express mascara and my Sephora palette using the matte black shadow to make the liner last longer. For the eye shadow, I used my NAKED palette in Hustle





       Face: In2it foundation powder and Ponds flawless white powder



     Cheeks: Sephora palette – a light nude to pink shade, perfect for smokey eyes.



      Lips: Revlon color stay and maybelline mint balm









  2011-08-09 14.51.27

                          no flash using my galaxy ace phone~

2011-08-09 14.51.47

                    My sister and I definitely do not look alike noh? haha~


    On other things, last night mom gave each of us a can of these…


    Amanda and I both got the rose, mom got the cherry blossom which smelled really nice and my sister Julia got the peach colored can.






     The scent is very lady like, since it’s in solid form, you only use it on pulse points (which I’m sure you all know already). It doesn’t really last that long, but it’s nice to have in the make-up kit.


     I’m just looking forward for this weekend, hopefully QT with M~



      Till then!





  1. Your sister is so pretty! Love the look you did. :)

  2. very nice FOTD! really drawn to her eyes.

  3. she's a beautiful kid. wag ka na magbuild ng portfolio mo as a MUA ha, nagtxt sa akin sina fanny serrano at bambi fuentes na nawawalan na raw sila ng suki.

  4. your sis is so pretty! i also have the l'occitane solid perfume in cherry blossom sis! :)

  5. @pammy: thanks pammy :)

    @salmoncat: I'm jealous with her lashes, their really long, mine's short but it was because of the incident a long time ago.

    @john: she's 20 but she is so much a kid pa nga, hehe. LOL! baliw ka talaga john~

    @sugar: thanks sugar, ah really? cool, we have the same :)

  6. i will buy this perfume para madali i-apply. parang vicks vaporub lang.

    yung lash curler mo, is it shu also? shu produces one of the best lash curlers around. in fact, even shiseido and the kevyn aucoin eyelash curlers are made by shu. kakaiba lang talaga yung kevin kase cherry red yung rubber nya. :)

  7. Wow, that's so pretty! ^^ her eyes are gorgeous :D

  8. @john: hay nako john, ikaw na ang mahirit *laughing as i read the vicks vaporub lang line* let me know if you have one na ha?

    eyelash curler is shu uemura, hmmm cherry red? CUTE!

    @Michelle: thanks michelle :)

  9. That mascara works wonders, I swear. :)

  10. your sister is so pretty!
    me wants to try the L'occitane perfume.. interesting!

  11. @Diane: thanks, yes try it, let me know if you like it.

    @e: haha! hindi pa


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