Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday spent with the Family~


    Another post, for Sundays are spent with the family, aside from our yogurt experience, nothing really interesting happened. After lunch, my brother had to leave. Mom, my sister and I decided to watch planet of the apes, which was surprisingly good. We had to wait for a few minutes so we stayed at the candy store to wait. We just watched at Greenbelt 1

2011-08-14 14.26.13

   At the cashier, there were 2 cans one for the child protection something, and one for PAWS. No offense, but I donated to PAWS instead! Save the cats and dogs please Sad smile

2011-08-14 14.25.52


2011-08-14 14.21.53



    After the movie, mom needed to pick up something at Shangri-la makati, we didn’t stay long really. Before we left she wanted to take a picture, I was like, erm.. Oookay?


    We actually watched 2 movies, the second one was, Ang Babae Sa Sceptic Tank, LOL! Went home right after. That’s about it! Thanks for reading~



    Till then!





  1. they change this centerpiece decor every week, so if you're here every week, you can see it unfold.

    i've heard babae sa sceptic tank is a good movie.

  2. @john: you should know, because you frequent the place eh.

    it was funny, i liked eugene domingo's acting, she doesn't take so much effort to make people laugh.

    @e: yes, a mango plastic bag, inside is a national geographic book, wahahaha~

    ang galing talaga ng mata :)

  3. your mom is so cool! my mom is running away from camera.. as in.. LOL
    now, i miss my mom =(
    need to visit and take her out.. hihi
    thanks for sharing!

  4. yay! natuwa naman ako sa lata ng donations for PAWS, i have yet to see one, i always donate for bantaybata. but id really love to help PAWS too in a little way. i love cats... :) sana dumami yung cans all over the country.

  5. @diane: she's a photographer that's why she's kulit infront of the camera.

    thanks for taking time to read :)

    @belle: yeah, it seems that konti lang ang cans for PAWS.

  6. I heard Planet of the Apes is good nga daw. I can't wait to watch it :D


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