Monday, November 07, 2011

Kanin Club


Here’s another back log post. The much talked about KANIN CLUB~

A few weeks ago my man invited me one night to have dinner with his family. It was his parents wedding anniversary post celebration.

I have been reading a lot about Kanin club, especially their sinangag na sinigang. They ordered, aligue rice, kare – kare, fish something and crispy dinuguan.

*Note, sorry my pictures don’t give justice. I had to take quick photos, as I don’t want to take time taking them when all of them were hungry. Besides, I was just a guest. hehe~

2011-10-25 20.53.11

2011-10-25 21.01.58

We ate at the Ayala Triangle branch, even at night the place is still full.


The Kare Kare, my Martin says that he had tasted a better version at Little Quiapo in BF Homes, the meat was rather tough but it still tasted okay for me.


The Aligue rice, this was not bad. It was Martin’s sister who ordered this. All I can say is that it’s okay.


The star of all seasons, the Sinangag na Sinigang rice, the presentation was nice and for one order it’s definitely good for sharing. Yes, this was ingenious, it tasted like sinigang. It’s not mind blowing, but it’s one of a kind! The crunchy veggie on top of my plate was so makunat, which is my only gripe about this particular dish.


The Crispy dinuguan, the second star for me. I suppose we all had the same impressions about this dish. Though, I eat dinuguan, I was curious on how “crispy” it will be. My first bite was pure love! and sadly my man hates dinuguan, he’s missing out a lot. I said, “cmon babe, just one piece, and he said, okay, let’s compromise, I eat ONE PIECE, BUT! you have to ride, ONE RIDE OF ROLLER COASTER with me. Me: “Okay, forget eating the dinuguan then”

  Anyway, this was another hit for me! It was so crispy! Will order this next time M and I eat here.


Unfortunately, this dish was over shadowed, this was the only dish that I did not try.

  It was M’s dad who paid for the dinner, so thank you tito. After dinner, we went our separate ways. The BF and I decided to take a stroll along Ayala Triangle, it was a romantic night that time~


Till then!





  1. i haven't tried eating there yet! i've only tried the bagoong club and i love their food! :)

  2. @sugar: I hope one of these days you would.

    Where is bagoong club?

  3. I love Kanin club! But I only order the seafood Kare Kare :D

  4. @Kate:I will try that next time :)

  5. sinangag na sinigang na rice? maasim ba to? Little Quiapo, just a few walk from my place in QC, served good Kare Kare and Panchet Palabok too. :)

  6. @john: tama lang ang asim. i wanna try little quiapo soon.


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