Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The House of Wagyu at The Podium


   I had another rendezvous at The House of Wagyu, but this time at the Podium Ortigas branch. The first time I was able to try steak was at Melo’s, but it was a different dining experience that happened a long time ago. Melo’s is already a pioneer in the business.

   The House of Wagyu  is owned and operated by Theresa, a fine dining restaurant with 3 branches located at Greenhills, Podium and Eastwood. My first wagyu stone grill experience was at the Greenhills branch. And so yesterday was another mouth watering experience for me. The Podium branch can be found at the 5th floor near Kimono Ken. It has a 50 seater capacity and their peak days are during Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.



   *Note: This is a sponsored post

     The staff are very friendly and we were well taken cared of. Special mention to their manager in charge, Christian.

      For our drinks, mom and I ordered Ice tea, nothing really special but this is our holy drink whenever we dine outside.



   They serve complimentary bread with butter. But they offered to give us a variety of dips to choose from. Balsamic vinegar, olive oil and cheese.


      I was given a chance to take a few photos of the other customers orders (refer photo below)


                                                                      Swiss cheese rocklet


                                                                             Garden salad

    For our appetizer we had the Gambas…


    This dish was nothing special, plated simply with fresh shrimp sauteed with olive oil and fried garlic. The freshness of the shrimp was a delight.


                                                                          Ceasar salad



                                                                    Cream of pea soup

   For this dish, I enjoyed it’s creamy-ness and the croutons added texture in the soup. You can actually taste the peas, but it is not overpowering.


                                                                                        Rib Eye

    When you order Wagyu, it comes with mashed potatoes and veggies. I noticed that the plate is smaller compared to the Greenhills branch, but it’s not an issue really. You can actually see the smoke in the photo. Before they serve this, the waiters put on your apron as the stone really sizzles and eventually, I still ended up smelling like steak and so did my bag. What’s unique about Stone grill is they serve the aged meat raw. After 30 seconds, the waiters assist you in turning the meat over. After such, you can now cook it to your own doneness. You can see that wonderful fat marbling which makes the steak really juicy and mouthwatering.

DSCN5135   DSCN5134

    I love how they cook their veggies, their mashed potatoes is creamy which I loved too.

     Upon finishing our main dish, they always give out this special towel. It increases in size once you pour in hot water. It’s called an aqua towel.


    Next up was dessert, they served Chocolate something cake with vanilla ice cream. I think they always serve their cakes with ice cream. I’m not a fan of chocolate or chocolate cake, except if it is chocolate mousse. But for this dessert, it was exceptional. The cakes consistency is really moist (almost mousse like) and rich, which I always look for in a cake.


      I like the idea of cooking your own food, which adds fun in your dining experience here at The House of Wagyu. To define my thoughts about our appetizer and salad, they may not have left me a lasting impression, but it is something that you wouldn’t say that “I wish I hadn’t ordered that”. They were good, and what’s important is that they taste how they should be. Really, the reason why you dine in at HOW (The House of Wagyu) is for their steaks. By the way, they also have a bar station.

    Steaks like these don’t come cheap, but since it’s Christmas they offer a 25% off discount for their Rib Eye, grade 7,8 and 9 until December 31, 2011 in all 3 branches.

     The staff were all accommodating and very friendly, but special mention to the Manager in charge, Christian for taking care of us and letting me take photos of the place. My mom says, the reason why the Podium branch is full is because of his looks. LOL~


     The House of Wagyu

      Podium Mall, Ortigas, 5th floor

     For inquiries or reservations call: (Greenhills) 725-2811; 725-7450 (The Podium) 638-5889; 635-3056 (Eastwood Mall) 706-5385-86


      Till then!





  1. ah so they have a branch in podium pala. i have only tried the eastwood but i left my camera when i got there. next nalang ulet. sarap ng dry-aged steaks noh.

  2. @john: yeap, nabalik ba camera mo? sayang naman. Sobrang sarap, I suddenly missed eating there.


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