Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend food trip: The House of Wagyu


      My family and I attended mass today at Bread, Greenbelt 1 and for lunch my mom “treated” us to The House of Wagyu located at Greenhills, inside the parking lot in front of Unimart Greenhills corner, Ortigas and Annapolis Drive.   

2011-12-11 13.29.42

2011-12-11 13.28.20_edit0

     Upon entering the restaurant this huge freezer or aging equipment will greet you. On the right side, there are a few seats available for the waiting area.

2011-12-11 13.35.25

2011-12-11 13.35.43

    Mom actually had  2 gift certificates for the lunch, and the rest will be deducted from her PR service for the restaurant (assuming it will be deducted, I didn’t ask). She handles the PR for this restaurant. We were assisted to a comfy and slightly dim area, and  for our food she let the manager be in charge of what we had, which is a 5 course meal.

2011-12-11 13.39.56

2011-12-11 13.39.45

2011-12-11 13.39.28

2011-12-11 13.40.26

    For starters we were given hot bread and butter. The butter tasted milky.

2011-12-11 13.42.37

     Soup was served next, mushroom soup with 3 pcs of croutons and they will ask if you want to have pepper with it. The mushroom soup was very earthy, deep and rich. I enjoyed it a lot!

2011-12-11 13.42.28

    Forgive me that the photos are very flat and dull as I just used my camera phone to take photos (Samsung galaxy ACE). I wanted to use my digital camera but the waiters were already weirded out with me taking pictures of the food and place.

    Next food that was served was Ceasar salad. It was what your ordinary ceasar salad would look and taste like, but theirs had a strong taste, like it had mustard.

2011-12-11 13.55.29

   And the piece de resistance, a rib eye steak and a top sirloin served on a very hot stone. 2011-12-11 14.05.36

                                                                                  Rib eye

2011-12-11 14.05.22

                                                                                   Top Sirloin

    Here’s a more professional photo taken by mom for her press release…


   The table was topped with white paper (slightly thicker than regular paper) to avoid staining the table cloth and we were given some kind of apron to avoid stains on our clothes as well.

2011-12-11 14.05.47                                             My sister Amanda

   Among the two (of course) the sirloin was my favorite, it’s how steak should be. A good steak only needs salt and a dash of pepper for taste, everything else depends on the meat. The waiter guided us on how to cook our meat, you should get a small size of meat and cook it to your own doneness. I always want my steak medium rare.

    Here’s a short video I took on how the steaks were cooked.

2011-12-11 14.06.03

   After our main dish, we were given magic cloths to wipe our hands (it’s not really called magic cloth okay?). It arrived as small as a pill (which I honestly thought was a weird looking dessert), but when the waiter poured hot water it increased in size.

2011-12-11 14.30.14_edit0

   For dessert, we were served Cheesecake with vanilla ice cream and Crème Brulee’.

2011-12-11 14.33.49

2011-12-11 14.34.09

   The crème brulee’s consistency was not runny and very custardy (for lack of a better term). And the cheesecake was just right, nothing really spectacular but for a cheesecake lover like me, I’m not complaining.

    Everything was washed down with a glass of Ice tea. It does not taste like regular ice tea, my brother describes it as weird, personally I find it different.

2011-12-11 13.46.33

   Meal starts from 300+ up, for the steaks I think around 2000+ and up depending on the grade. Oh and they have free wifi, just ask from one of the waiters for the password.

   The staff will wait on you hand and foot, they were all accommodating. By the way, just in case you plan to dine here, they are having a promo, avail of the 25% discount from now till Dec. 31 on all three branches on Rib eye grades 7, 8, and 9. The other branches are at Eastwood Mall Ground floor  5th level, and The Podium.

   They open at 11am and close at 2pm for lunch. Dinner opens at 6PM.

   The steaks were something to write about really, and I was glad to have tried their mouthwatering treat! My craving for a good steak is finally satisfied!


   Do you love steak as well? What doneness do you prefer? Share okay?


    Till Then!





  1. The place looks so fancy! :D Thanks for the heads up on the promo

  2. @Kate: tama lang, not like fine dining. No worries :)

  3. ah, dry-aged australian wagyu, cooked and served in a volcanic rock. one of the best steakhouses, aside from Elbert's Steak Room, Gulliver's at Eastern Hotel, Mamous at the Fort, Fireplace at Hyatt Hotel, and Cru at Marriot Hotel. you should try other steakhouses i mentioned. really really sumptuous.

  4. @john: oh yes! sige will consider all of those


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