Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Of Christmas wishes–please come true


   In the spirit of Christmas, and just a few days left, I will be posting my yearly Christmas wish list once again. It doesn’t hurt really, what’s good about it is that, some of the things I wish for comes true eventually.

   First category – Gadgets

    I really wish for either of the 2, it’s hard to choose between them really, but both of them are an upgrade to my NIKON L21 digital camera. I still and will always love my digital camera (because it was BF’s gift for me last year). But I still need an upgrade nonetheless, for my blogging and travel photos.

   Canon Rebel T3 or T3i in RED (it has to be red)


   Nikon 1j1 in PINK! – Do I need to say more why? hehe. But the specs are pretty good too, so it’s not that bad really, and the color is sooo fitting. It actually screams my name! hehe


 Asus Eee pc 1215B netbook in matte red – Currently, I share the laptop with my family (which I don’t mind), but of course I eventually need my own, so that I can lug it around during my travel.


   Nintendo 3DS Nintendogs + CATS bundle in PINK – for gaming!

pink3dsnintendogscats_20138.nphd (1)

   Second and last category is notebooks/journal

  My Hello Kitty notebook needs to be upgraded as well. There are actually a lot of planners out there, one of which is the BDJ or Belle De Jour for women, which I wasn’t into that much. But then, there was FILED, the 2012 planner! I love customizing, and this planner is perfect. My favorite part is this….


 *photo borrowed from FILED’s facebook page with permission

     Aside from customizing, it looks so artsy and writer-ish (if there’s such a term, hehe). You can check out the link for more photos of how the planner looks like. I first saw this at Brian Ong’s (thephilippinesandbeyond.blogspot.com) giveaway post, I’m actually asking myself now why I didn’t join :(

   I really wish my man or my sister will give me this for Christmas, if not a early birthday gift *winks*

    Well, that’s it for my yearly Christmas list, and if in case I’m out for the holiday, I just want to greet my readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope we will all have a great one shared with family and love ones <3


     How about you my readers? any Christmas wishes? share okay? Smile


     Till then!





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