Monday, December 12, 2011

An Evening with Sleeping beauty and a little bit of Make-up and books


   During my prep days until grade 3, I used to be in a ballet class, but ever since I was paralyzed I stopped. I’m not fond of ballet shows, but I have watched a couple of shows specially from Lisa Macuja’s.

   Last Saturday, mom and my 2 younger siblings, Amanda and Kert and I watched The Sleeping Beauty A Ballet at CCP. We watched the 8PM show, but arrived a few minutes late due to the heavy traffic. We were forced to walk a few meters away from the theater or else it would take forever to get there. There were 2 accidents that happened during our travel.

2011-12-10 20.04.45

2011-12-10 20.20.45

    I’m not sure if it’s just me? but for ballets or stage plays, I would at least expect the main characters to be beautiful (character wise). Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that they were ugly okay? Their just not as what I hoped they would look like.

     We were all in black (my family that is), I just “accessorized” by wearing this headband


    And for my FOTD (face of the day)


   Foundation: In2It oil control foundation

    Blush: Sephora color play palette

    Mascara: Maybelline colossal

    Lipstick: Stila lip and cheek tint (from stunning palette)

    Eye make up: Urban decay NAKED palette (sin, half baked and smog)




    Well, that’s it for my Saturday rendezvous! I was browsing through my sisters book collection and decided to grab the Eat.Pray.Love, that’s my current read for the month (but I might finish it in 3 days).

2011-12-11 17.25.01 - Peri

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   Inside A Cat’s Mind

        I hope this will be a great week ahead for all of us!


        Till then!





  1. What do you mean about the characters? sayang naman!

  2. @Kate: Was expecting that the princess and prince was much more maganda and gwapo sana.

    Mom said mukhang house boy kasi for a supposed prince. Gaaaah!

  3. what do you mean "since i was paralyzed", what happaned to you.

    also, perhaps you're expecting that lead ballerina should look like Natalie Portman in the Black Swan movie? and ballerino(or is it male ballerina? what's the male counterpart of ballerina by the way) Mikhail Baryshnikov?

  4. @john: na paralyze ako when i was 9 years old, neck down

    well, hindi naman. na overshadow lang siya ng ibang dancers. Mas maganda ang dancers ng ballet manila -what my sisters says

    I dont know what they are called


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