Monday, January 02, 2012

Sisterly love and Made up Hair styles


     Good morning my dear readers! I have a series of posts coming up, but for today, let me share with you a post about hair styles and sisterly bonding. My sister Amanda and I are the closest among our other siblings, being the closest we can be bad enemies too, haha! We’ve fought a lot when we were younger, but one of our major arguments was a year ago. It was almost a year of no talking and me swearing to never let her in my life anymore. It was on her birthday that we said sorry and promised not to fight ever again. Ever since, we became much more close than ever.

      She’s 20 years old, but I still see her as my 15 year old little sister. She’s my little fashionista and hair stylist. There was one time that she wanted to play with my hair and here’s what happened:

      She often does this to her hair too


     And it resulted to this:



                              Not bad, this can be my wedding hair style. LOL!

      And recently, when we went to Taal, dear sister taught me a new do. It was hot and I asked her to tie my hair. I seriously don’t know where she gets these ideas, but regardless it’s fun and I love it!



                                                                Her phone and mine

      I’m really happy that we’re friends now, we’re more supportive to each other too. I love you Amanda~

 P.S. ( If you’re reading this dear sister)

Please don’t cry on my wedding day, in the mean time let’s cherish and build new memories together, along with the rest of the family (of course, except that dreadful maid! bwahahaha! – long story about that incident)


  Till then!





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