Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Skin care: Celeteque Brightening facial wash


     Pictures sometimes can be deceiving, my skin can look like it’s smooth but it’s not so much. Aside from having oily skin (face), one of the consultants at Clinique during Lady E’s birthday party mentioned that my skin easily (upon cleansing) gets acidic (red/dark). That always happens right after I wash my face with my preferred facial wash. I did some research and found out about Celeteque’s brightening facial wash (crossing my fingers that it would work). And no kiss ass testament, it DOES work!




        My skin appears bright and it helps control the red blotches, which I am very happy about.

       The 75ml bottle costs P150. Next time I will buy the Tri benefit cream which costs P599 and the Dark spot corrector at P349.


     I’m really happy about this product, simply because it does it job for my skin problem. It is the answer to my prayers. I already raved about their Oil control toner. Which I’m currently using and will most probably be a staple in my skin care regimen. Thank you Celeteque for creating this product! I’m a convert! I promise (hopefully) sometime around this year, I will have a giveaway and this will definitely be included.


       Thumbs up, with 10 fingers and toes for this product! Star


       Till then!






  1. Have you tried the PureActive Multi-action Scrub from Garnier? It works wonders on combination skin! I tried it over the Holidays and have nothing to complain about - plus, it smells deliciously of blueberries.

  2. @Midge: Not yet, how is it? Is it for controlling oil only?

  3. i have to try this, sis. thanks for the recomm. my face is so stubbornly oily and i need to find a product that can truly control this. sana ito na.

  4. @Gits: Try the celeteque oil control toner. I hope it works for you too sis. It's a good cheap alternative, so it's not bad.

  5. bought this na kanina, sis! ive just washed my face and yep, im liking how it feels. not tight... i have a good feeling about this, sis. thanks ha. ;) salamat sa recommendation.

  6. @Gits: wow, ang bilis ah? hehe. Pero minsan medyo dry siya, which is why I pair it with a toner, so still okay parin. Let me know how it goes ha? Most welcome sis!

  7. I seriously love this product. Dati pinipilit ko yung Pond's sa skin ko kaso I end up with nasty bumps. I was really happy when I tried this kaso parang di ako ngayon makahanap ng stores which sell this specific product. Ibang line ng Celeteque ang nakikita ko, which is a bummer kasi I really like this. Any suggestions?

  8. I think the brightening is exclusive to sm beauty stores or watson's lang. Which is medyo inconvenient nga

  9. I just purchased the celeteque brightening eye cream kanina and the hydration toner, the original one.. Kaso nagdalawang isip akong buksan yung toner since Ive read na it is for sensitive to dry skin.. I never knew about this kasi I just purchased the teavel pack.. I was wondering if I can exchange the toner to the brightening one.. I also have combination to mostly oily skin.. What do you think sis?


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