Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Celebrating my 28th


    Last weekend was a special day for me, February 5th! Well, my real birth date is kind of a long story, but I celebrated on February instead. I was able to spend time with my friends and family at home for my 28th year, yes I’m 28 and I don’t mind the numbers. Most of my friends are gamers, so it was a gaming party at my house.


     My guests…


     The BF and his best friend Jon


      Of course Lady E along with her cousin Chatty and her man MB~


L-R: Husband and wife Kenneth and Nicoy, Jon, my gaming girl Stacy (wish I was able to spend more time with her too), of course my one and only Martin and Che (thank you for patiently waiting Che).

  What happened….

    There were 2 groups, the Martin’s side with the gang and my side E’s group, It’s hard being the host and thankfully my man helped me out entertain his group. I just didn’t want E to feel left out. I don’t know what I would do without my sister Amanda, as she helped me prepare and bring out drinks and food.


      With the ladies~


             With mommy E, Chatty and MB~


    I have 3 cakes, one from my sister Julia (chocolate mousse), another from my dear sister Amanda ( ice cream cake from Caramia) and a Brazo de mercedes from my man. You can check out my food blog at Adventures of A Lady Explorer.


    Gifts from my best girlfriends Stacy and E. The one on top was from E and the bottom from Stacy. Will reveal what they gave me on a different post.


    We all look wasted already because we just finished playing Just Dance 3!


            A gift from my man. part 2 of the ZsaZsa Zaturnnah book~

        I appreciate all the gifts I received and the people who took their time to spend my day with me.


     Till then!




  1. happy bday!

  2. Happy birthday, dear :)

  3. Thank you Lorsee :)

  4. i wasn't able to be here, so bad. my sched had been so full as always. happy mwah-day. 


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