Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What boredom can do and something bought


     What can boredom do? Well, yesterday I was just supposed to clean up my sheets because my very VERY good cat Rogue peed on my bed yet again. Since I was cleaning, I might as well (finally) fix my shelf and put my things, making my room (well almost) a cat haven. The huge shelf used to be a bookshelf but now the other half is piled up with my sisters old things. I cleaned the other half and here’s what it looks like now.


   Top to bottom: Photos of me when I was younger, an old valentine gift from my BF (back when we were still students-LOL), A Hello Kitty shower gel from Lady E. Middle shelf, obviously, the things I love, books, cat things, make-up, skin care and gadgets.



    Near the stuff toys are make-up cat ears, hello kitty and luna cap (from Stacy) and some skin care that can’t fit my other drawer.


   The palettes – Sephora, hello kitty sephora limited edition pink brushes, UD palettes are bought from The Hyphen Store, the Stila is from mom.


   Next of course are my gadget boxes, books and other whatnots for my journal…




     And on other things, earlier today I did some usual shopping at Shopwise for our toilettries, here’s something new that I bought. I bought the careline just because I’m curious and it’s cheap anyway. A fellow blogger Midge mentioned to me about Garnier’s Pure Active Scrub, I’m curious about it as well. The Salon Mousse is really good for volumising, my sister and I have had and tried this and is our staple volumising spray.


   Happy hearts day everyone! Looking forward for a date with my man and his family later tonight~


   Till then!






  1. oi may eat, pray, love ka. manghihiram na lang ako! i've so many books na, wala nang lugar!

  2. Ano mga books mo, pahiram, hehehe~


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