Thursday, February 16, 2012

Record Breaker


        This week has been pretty much the busiest week of catching up with my love ones. It was a record breaker for me and my man as we were able to date 4 times in for one week. Monday to Wednesday for our pre, during and post Valentine’s celebration and this coming Saturday for our usual weekend rest and relaxation. I was also able to spend time with my friend Lady E for 2 days straight yesterday and today. After my quick lunch date with my man yesterday, I met up with Esther at Luk Yuen Glorietta 5. Supposedly she was to buy at Ipanema but the lines was crazy because of the sale. She accommodated me with my shopping errands instead.

           Lately, I’ve been buying and craving for post it notes and stickers, I asked her to go with me to National Bookstore to check out what they have and I bought these (photo below).


        I bought one for my sister and my personal use too, I thought it was post its but they are just literally note pads. I bought my shopping errands at the SM Makati Supermarket, but before going there we have to always pay a visit to Watson’s. She featured the steel hair facial remover in her blog and because I’m conscious about my lip hair, I bought one as well.


      I invited her to my house for some ice cream, stupid of me to forget she’s lactose intolerant, gaaaah! On our way home, she asked if I wanted to go for a road trip with her the next day (today) and so we did. I’m curious about S&R’s pizza, as I’ve been hearing raves about it, lucky of me that Esther has a membership card (will blog about our food experience in my other blog). This time, we traveled by car, it was my first time to experience her driving skills. The first time I rode their car, it was MB who was driving Adam, yes, all cars must have names. Like my man, his car’s name is Exxia.

C360_2012-02-16-16-14-00C360_2012-02-16-13-21-352012-02-16 11.45.20

       S&R Fort Bonifacio

     After lunch we went to Ayala Museum for some culture experience (thanks for the treat E). For Philippine citizens, it will only cost P225 from the first to the fourth floor and P175 for students. Of course the museum was filled with CCTV cameras, specially the fourth floor, as much as we wanted to take some ninja shots we couldn’t (as if anyone could). I’m keeping the ticket for memories, I keep all my memorabilia’s in my scrapbook journal. The last time I went to Ayala Museum was when I was a kid and on a field trip for that matter. At that age, you really can’t appreciate art nor our history. Going back at a more mature age, it’s worth going back and appreciating our roots.


       I still had an urge to buy something, I can’t find anything that I wanted to buy from S&R or Watson’s (since I already went shopping the other day for our food and toiletrries at home). We went to Landmark to check out food for our babies (cats). And I found this (photo below).


      A single bag of this costs (from what I can remember) is around P180+, I thought it costs the same and get one for free,when the cashier punched in the price it was around P280.25. My eyes went like O__O

    Well, somehow I think it was still a pretty good deal as it will last me long (hopefully that is).

   Weather report says low pressure area might turn to a storm, hopefully not this weekend please.

     It’s fun reconnecting with friends and share stories don’t you think?


      Till then!





  1. We bought meow mix din today!

  2. Oh? what variant did you get? sale parin?

  3. nagala nanaman kayo ni E! :) gusto ko din nun facial hair remover. hmmm. :)

  4. my two dahlin... you both are so beautiful. 

    eto ba yung parang cheeze curls ng mga pusa.? 

  5. haha, yup. try it, it's inexpensive naman :)

  6. haha, well pwede rin. lol


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