Friday, May 04, 2012

Tech Loving: Canon EOS Rebel T3 1100D


Thank God it’s Friday! For today’s post is my unboxing with the Canon 1100D. It was a very special gift which I received last month. I’m still currently tinkering with my gadget so tech review to follow.

These photos were taken the same day I received it. I was very much excited, too excited to care for composing decent photo layout.



The box comes with the standard documentation of  3 CD software and handbooks (tips and tricks in photography)

  • EOS Digital: Solution Disk
  • EOS Digital: Software Instruction Manual
  • Camera Instruction Manual

Other things included in the box are an 8GB SD card, battery charger, Lithium-ion battery, red strap and a 18-55mm lens. 


My gift was basically a complete set as I also received a nice camera bag from Vanguard UP-Rise series 18, and a basic filter.


After wishing for so long on how I wanted this camera, it’s a blessing that I was able to receive such gift and I’m still very thankful up to this date. In fact, I will forever be thankful for the gifts I’ve been receiving from the people I love.

Well anyway, what drew me to the Canon 1100D aside from the red matte color is the specs. It’s pretty decent for a first time noob like me. I don’t need an overkill specs anyway. 

Will post more details about the Canon 1100D soon!


Till then!





  1. It's good that you got your wish then! The camera looks really cool :)

  2. It is, thank you :)

    And thanks for commenting :)

  3. wow... red. i so live the color. i hope it can produce snappy pictures with utter color fidelity. 

  4. @Engrjohnraycabrera : yup, me too. It does and I'm loving every bit of it~


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