Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Food review

 So this is my first attempt in making local food reviews around the metro for my blogger, actually my previous reviews are in my multiply site.) For this month (and the coming months) my BF and I have come to a decision once more to be cheapskates, eating "cheap" cuisines at food courts.

 Eating out at food courts ain't that bad really, you just have to choose wisely which looks a day old and from fresh ones. For today, we ate at SM Makati's food court and chose Sizzling Plate and Kowloon House's dimsum. For sizzling plate we both ordered the Double decker which costs at P99- almost a hundred bucks. As for servings, not that bad. The patties were flavorful and almost as big as the palm of my hand. I'm pretty sure it was ground pork not pure beef, but I may be wrong.

Good points:

  • Priced just right. In between the patties was a slice of oozing cheese, lathered with generous amount of gravy, buttered vegetables and topped off with fried egg. 
  • Their servings is quite big
Bad points:
  • I noticed my order seemed to be a bit raw in the inside. I don't mind my beef cooked medium well but for pork? eeyyuck
My verdict: 2.5 out of 5 
reason:  one of the patties was still raw in the inside. By the way, here's how it looks like
*camera used: camera phone, so picture quality is a bit so so. I need to buy a good digital camera- right hunnie? ehem. lolz!


Moving on to my first experience to Kowloon

 One of my favorite dishes would be Chinese cuisine and I'm a big fan of dimsums and dumplings, particularly at Gloria Maris and my ultimate favorite Luk Yuen. Davids Tea house was just so-so. My BF was actually surprised to find out that there is now a Kowloon House branch at Makati, before the only branch they had was at Ong Pin. He ordered the sharks fin dimsum which costs for P45 3 pcs. But really, it is not your typical dimsum size. It was quite huge, please refer to picture below:

 Not only was this big but it was full of meat fillings. It tasted like some sort of beef and something else but in a goooood way. Their Sharks fin dimsum is soooo good, better than Paotsin. Well, it's not exactly cheap food but more of "economical" or is it? haha. 

My verdict: 3 out of 5
I will definitely order there again, and try out some of their dishes as well. Their soy chicken looked good too. 

This ends my review for now, looking forward for more local reviews. 


  1. Hi Kitten! I don't know if you know this, seeing as you live near Shopwise but there used to be a Kowloon House near Shopwise. I think it's in the strip of restos in front of Shopwise many, many years ago, even before Shopwise. We've been living in Makati for like 50 years now or so and I remember that when I was a kid, we used to go there to buy their abso-freakin-lutely good siopao. And yeah, I live near your place! = )

  2. @Lady E: I believe that it's been shut down already :( Before I remember near Shopwise Makati they have the Kitaro restaurant which is either closed or moved. Yeah, they said Kowloon has the best siopao and siomai and I can attest to their siomai, it's damn good! I'll recommend the siopao to my BF and insist we go there at Makati SM when we can. Hmm, so your also based here in Makati too? that's cool! I'll stay on a look out then. Maybe I'll see you on of these days ^_^


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