Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day for 2010 and Heaven's food review

  My Valentine's Day turned out to be a blissful surprise. My BF and I had talked about it and we didn't have plans to go out due to my projects at school, and so all the time I never expected him to visit me at my house with a rose and a bar of chocolate. Too bad his paycheck comes every 15th or 30th so our budget was quite "tight". That morning was quite busy because it is also my mom's birthday and the whole family was there. Busy cooking and went out to North Park in Makati Ave. to order our food. Basically, it was a just a simple lunch get together with the family. 

  So my hunnie decided to pay a surprise visit and we went to Glorietta just to hang out, check some stuff and have dinner together. Besides, how do you celebrate valentine's day anyway? I was just glad that I was able to spend time with my BF on that day. It may not be the most romantic valentine's day but to me, it's more than enough. But of course, I do hope next year will be a more memorable one. Girls just love to receive bunch of roses, chocolates and presents. Women are simple, how do you make her happy? by giving her innovative gifts, never ever forgetting a special date like anniversaries or birthdays, if you do forget it, it's world war. Well, I don't know, It's just how women are. 

Below are pictures during our Dinner at Heaven's, we were both craving for BBQ, and In my opinion, Heaven's is the best so far. Why? the BBQ itself is juicy and packed with flavor, as well as the sauce. The rice is topped off with BBQ bits which makes it even more tastier and it costs for only P73 (jumbowl), which comes with hot soup. As for the ambiance, the place is small but very quaint and clean, which is good. Unfortunately, the food being too good, we forgot to take a picture of it. Will update it asap. 

I guess, this serves as a personal blog and a bit of a local food review at Heaven's Makati, Pablo Ocampo. Hope you enjoy and try it out soon! 

My verdict: 3.8 out of 5 spoons
The way they cook is not quite consistent, sometimes they grill the meat just right, but the last time mine had too many burnt sides. 

Btw, I forgot to post one of the sweetest love letters my BF gave to me - actually posted in my Facebook, love you bebe. The heart and cross is our emblem, but he said that BF said he'll be giving it a new look.
love love.


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