Sunday, February 07, 2010

For Sale: SIAMESE CAT, Female, 7 Months, Blue Point, Rare

   To Cat lovers out there, I am helping out a fellow cat lover from the PPH (Philippine Pet Haven) forums, please help us find a potential buyer and most importantly a responsible cat lover for Hermoine. 

Details below: ( I posted the complete details already, as I'm not sure if I do give the link, non-member might not see it)


  • female
    7 months
    blue point (rare)
    long-haired (I suspect she is actually Balinese because her tail is bushy like a Persian Cat's. Balinese cats are actually long-haired Siamese cats.)
    complete and up-to-date anti-rabies, 3-in-1 and deworming (I have her vet card and the receipts of all her shots/deworming as proof)

The cat's name is Hermione, and she has been our pet since she was 4 months old. She has always lived indoors and is well-taken care of. She has never been sick, and the only treatment we have had for her was for ear mites, which she got from the original seller. Of course, that has been treated immediately. She eats 9Lives, sometimes mixed with IAMS. She is very active and malambing with my daughters. By the way, she is litterbox-trained.

I am selling her because I am pregnant and it is not advisable for me to handle the litterbox. I also need to right-size on the pet responsibility.

Selling Price: P4500 (Please note that this is the price that I got her for. Yes, I got her at a high price. Please also note that I am not making any profit from selling her. If you think about it, this is a very good deal because all the preliminary shots have been taken care of and are practically free. You just have to maintain her excellent health. The litterbox also comes free.)

The selling price includes:
  • Hermione
    2 oral dewormers (P200 each)
    1 anti-rabies (P250)
    3 tri-cat (3-in-1) shots (P650 each)

Her next vet visits are:
May 1, 2010 - quarterly deworming
October 1, 2010 - annual anti-rabies
December 19, 2010 - annual tri-cat (3-in-1)

My mobile number is (917) 807-9029. Feel free to negotiate.

Please see photos to appreciate. I apologize for the grainy quality. These pics were taken with a phone camera. I can provide better photos when I get hold of the real camera. (First 2 pics taken at 4 months. The last 2 photos taken at 7 months.)
You can either contact her directly or leave me a message here or in my email ad:

Thank you

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