Monday, February 22, 2010

My daily make-up routine

  I'm such a make-up junkie and make-up is one of those things that I MUST buy before clothes (which is becoming a bit of a problem, as what my sister says), I always check out beauty blogs, fashion magazines and make-up stores on which are the tried and tested and new ones too. As of now, my range of budget would be P200 up to P1000 maximum, I can't afford to go over board being a student and all. I have to think of my cats too, lol! But I'm glad that graduation is 1 month away and financial freedom is upon my reach, haha. Actually, I will  be talking about my daily make-up routine rather than making a review because I'm just using a camera phone which has 2MP no flash of course :( I'm still waiting for my dream camera to be given by my BF, which is I don't know when. So details in pictures are very poor (please bear with me). 

 My problem, is my face is so oily that I can't leave the house without putting a good foundation powder. I was lucky to have a Shu Uemura foundation powder given by my mom and is now almost finished- waaa! I have to look for a good alternative for a reliable foundation powder now. Here's how the Shu Uemura looks like

Here's the Volum' Cat eyes mascara:

It actually works as a waterproof mascara, and lengthening my eyelash. 
The con: It's quite hard to remove 
 I have to apply cold cream 2 times before it comes out, afterwards my eyelashes felt quite hard. But hey, it's waterproof at least it doesn't easily flop when my eyes are teary or when commuting, because of strong winds when riding a jeep. Price: P495.00 (but bought this with a gift check, I love gift checks!)
this particular powder, is the best so far, it keeps my face looking so shiny and flawless (I don't need to put on concealer anymore, it's good when I'm in a hurry.), Will definitely purchase the same product soon. I'm not sure how much it costs, as it was given to me only. But when I checked Rustan's the last time, I think it was more than P2000 pesos. Before I put on powder, I use as an alternative primer, Pond's anti dark spots fluid. Being my face oily, I think Eskinol's oil control fluid is effective so far, I used it and stays true to its promise - it gives a matte finish up until 8 hours, with this product I use a different powder which is Maybelline's Shine free Foundation Powder P200+. It's the only product I use with this kind of powder because I noticed that If I don't, my face looks so white (in natural shade), weird huh? Well, I guess it varies in different complexions. Going back to my make-up routine, after waiting for 5-10mins for my fluid to dry, then I put powder, using the sponge, and curl my lashes with my Shu Uemura eyelash curler and my new favorite mascara, Maybelline's Volum' Cat Eyes, which is L-O-V-E, my eyelashes are quite short and it gives extra length (I will stick to this product for a very loong time). After curling my lashes, I put a dab of cheek stain: using Herbench's pretty when pinched P180 at the Bench store in Glorietta, 3rd floor near Mercury drug, and then top it lightly with Avon's blush powder P500+ in plum, with this blush you only need a little as it can be too pinkish. 

                                                            Here's how it looks like:

I use a different blush brush for this 
With this blush on, on top of my Shu powder it also lasted me 5 hours indoors (aircon), when I'm outdoors, my make-up doesn't last that long (that's how oily my face is), which is why I use Gatsby Oil control face sheets (the black one) which costs P120 70sheets, in all leading supermarkets and Watson's. It absorbs the oil and is my bestfriend, lol! 

Last but not the least, lipstick, which is my L-O-V-E too! right now I'm using Mac's Hot Gossip and Avon's barely there (either of the 2), I like a matte finish so I rarely use lipgloss. I'm lemming on, Revlon's Lustre. 

l-r: Avon's barely there, MAC's Hot gossip (gift- lucky me!) lasting power a good 3 hours,
after a while it gives a nice lip pigment color (really sorry if I can't show pictures, you won't be able to see the difference ) :( Btw, here's the picture of the cheek stain I use, I think this is a good alternative compared to expensive ones. I read a review about Benetint and for the same effect that it has with pretty when pinched, I'll go with the cheaper one. But I'm looking forward to try Smashbox's O-glow. 

The packaging is like Benetint, and is far better compared to the tube, although they still have the tube but with a brand new design. Reason why I bought this one is, to avoid clumping and mess around the tube. 

So, that's it! It's just a simple look that I use everyday for school, I don't want to look too made up, only during on dates with my BF

My BF and Me after the Komikon event at Megamall trade hall. Looking forward for the next Komikon at UP, Diliman Bahay ng Alumni April 17, 2010. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this, what's your daily make-up routine or you favorite foundation powder? I'd love to hear them. Bye for now!

Meow.. Meow..

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