Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Beautynomics Turns Four - Join Her Giveaway!

Ms. Sophie is conducting a wonderful contest for her 4th Anniversary in Beauty blogging, her website contains: A fusion of beauty tips, ideas, skin care and makeup advice, and the latest products in the beauty industry with simple economic theories ( so as not to scare readers away with graphs! haha! ) that aims, definitely, to help and inform people that vanity IS NOT A SIN! Vanity is something that can help people feel good about themselves, bring about a boost of confidence, thus, enhancing productivity in whatever they do.

I think her blog is great because she also feature's Avon's Beauty line which is also one of my favorite beauty products. 

I know this may be quite late in posting, but who knows you or me may just win! Good luck! 

We still have less than 24 hours before the Beautynomics Anniversary Giveaway ends!! :)
This giveaway will end on March 9. 2010..
that's today!

Simply follow the easy instructions provided on her site and you get a chance to win fabulous prizes. The prizes are products that Sophie enjoys herself. So you'll get to try out products that the Beautynomist loves!

CLICK HERE TO JOIN! or follow link @: www.beautynomics.blogger.com



  1. you might want to join another contest, you just need to do 5 easy steps
    here's the link to the instructions:


  2. @redamethyst: Thanks for the tip! :)


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