Friday, March 12, 2010

Graduation picture + Maybelline's Angel fit and Color sensational

  Graduation day is coming to a close, barely a few weeks left (15 days to be exact) and earlier this  morning I had my graduation picture taken. If I knew it would take that long for me to get it (2 months), I should have brought my usb with me so I can show it off to my mom, haha! Oh well, as for make-up well, it was O-kay, coverage was just medium coverage and they didn't even curl my lashes as well with everybody else, at the back of my head I wanted to ask if they could use what's inside my make-up bag, but was afraid that I might offend the make-up artist who is gay. You know how some of them are?! But it was no biggie, I think after looking at my shots I looked beautiful and proud to be a first college graduate in the family. For graduation, I'll ask my mom to call his friend to do my make-up and hairstyling, he's actually quite good and I really want to look so pretty on THE day! haha. This morning, I was sooo happy that my mom gave me new make-up, the Angel Fit liquid foundation in Shell Beige and a maybelline Lipstick in Soft Azallea. A new addition in my growing make-up bag, I already have the Angel fit foundation powder but I used a different powder to set the liquid foundation (I used my Shu Uemura), I have an oily skin so mid halfway morning my face was a bit shiny, I was too busy to even use my oil control film. But I like how it matches my skin color, I just wished I had my camera already so I can take pictures to compare differences.


  It's been raining for a while and that's good, I hope it helped some places like Isabela, etc. Weekends are
L-O-V-E. Happy weekend everyone!


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