Saturday, May 22, 2010

NYX Make-up haul + updates

Hey friends, It’s been so long since I wrote again, so updates updates!! First of all, this has been long overdue but I want to thank Ms. Liz of for the wonderful NYX Contest they held a few weeks ago, after numerous number of times that I’ve joined beauty contests at blogger, I finally won something. So thank you, also to for providing the make-up and having it shipped days after at my home conveniently.
My package arrived on a Wednesday, if I still remember it clearly. Although I’m asleep in the morning I forgot all about my wonderful prize and as I woke up, it was there on my table waiting to be opened. Just like a kid on Christmas day, I was so happy and excited to open my gift.
Image0904                                                             Carefully wrapped
           All items were tightly packed with the bubble wrap, am I dreaming?
             Photo was taken in my camera phone, so forgive the crappy quality. I Got 2 lippies (Angel love and Thalia), 1 Diamond sparkle lipgloss in Rose, Pearl eyeshadow white, and 2 Chrome eyeshadows. I am very happy with my prize and got to try them all out, no swatches yet though. I like the quality of the lippies and the pearl eyeshadow, it’s good for highlighting the brow bone, as for the lipgloss not so much, but it’s fairly fine. Since I got this for free, I have no complaints, just like toys, I love them all!

  Earning your own money feels good, I haven’t bought anything yet though, as I’m planning on opening my own savings account asap, but of course, every woman needs some pampering so maybe this 31st I’m planning on having my hair colored and have a good foot spa with mani-ped, a much needed one, but we’ll have to see my budget though, I have so many plans that I want to make it happen, first off, as mentioned my own bank account, I do need to save up for a new laptop, since my old one has been with me for 4 years it starting to give hints that it might crash someday, haha. So I’m opting for a pink ASUS Eee netbook, a pink one of course, specifically with a chiclet keyboard. As for other stuff, I’ll be saving up for a special gift for someone, which is one of my priorities since the occasion is just months away. So many plans, so need to be frugal, If I do plan to push through with my so called pampering day, I must make all of this happen. Need to invest on some other important things like my food business that I plan to put up, either late of this year or next year. Have a lot of researching to do and make a new business plan. Ever since, this has been my dream, to have my own cafe so I’ve got to learn new food techniques and recipes as well. Just thinking of my future since time is running short, I have a few years to save up for my own home and build a career of my own not just a day job.

  Babbling about other things, I was so happy to have bought this for someone really special in my life. I have been promising him this for the longest time, and it was only this year in his birthday that I bought it. I guess, when you care for someone and if you’re a person that stays to your promise, no matter how much it is, you wouldn’t care. What’s priceless is seeing that person receive that gift on his special day.
Image0920                                                     The Gift

                                                                 and the result:
Image0927                                     The Limited edition Voltron Lion force 25 years
       It’s the one in the middle and it sure is way HUGE, like I said boys and their toys, haha.
      I’m pretty sure he’s happy about it, and as for me I’m way happier because I got to keep my promise to him no matter what the situation that we’re having now. Cheers to Voltron!

So happy weekend ladies and gents (if there is), hehe!

Food for thought (but so true)
“Love is not what binds people. It’s the commitment to stay with each other.”

Till next time!


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