Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Berry Licious


   Hey there, I know I’ve been slacking on my reviews on beauty products and food, been caught up with work and before I could even take a picture of the new things that I’ve tried particularly food, It’s gone! haha. But anyway, today is sweldo day, unfortunately my supposedly hair color date is cancelled, I just have to prioritize things first. I’m sure that by next month I’ll be to open my own savings account, WOOT! I don’t really earn that much, but it’s not that small, since I’m just a fresh graduate with no work experience yet so It’s all good. Work has been the same, although it will get more hectic in the coming weeks to come since our “boss” from Hong Kong will be visiting us and have a meeting, so yeah, this will be my first time to meet Sir Louise. But enough about work, I may be boring you, haha.


  My haven or stress reliever would be going to beauty stores like Watsons, PCX, SM beauty (makati) etc. And of course, I needed to buy a few stuff (although I made sure not to overspend though). So here are my beauty haul


   It’s not much really, and excuse the background, I may not have time to do this tomorrow so I took a picture of it at my work station. Some were not included anymore as it’s just the basic like a whole lot of pack of tissues and others were brought at Shopwise like deodorant, etc. What caught my eye was this yummy looking shampoo, Nature’s Organics fruits in wild berry scent. Sounds yummy no? haha.

Image0958  It’s actually cheap, for only P170, not bad, although I didn’t buy the conditioner, just wanted to try out the shampoo first since I’m a loyal user with creamsilk. lol.  But maybe next time. There’s 3 scents I think and each depending on to what your hair needs. I think my hair’s kinda limpy or maybe because it’s in a scent and color that I love, haha. Oh well. I haven’t tried it yet, and I’m not even sure if this one is new in the market. I’ll make an update regarding this yummy looking shampoo, until then!


Enjoying the Weekday so far ladies?



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