Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun filled date


Hello readers! How are you all doing? It’s my 2nd day off today and I’m loving it, I was able to catch up on my 8 hour and more beauty rest, haha. Because yesterday had only 2 hours of sleep for the whole day and went to work after the fun-filled date with the BF then. We had breakfast together at Jollibee because I was craving for their longganisa meal for the longest time. Nothing beats Jollibee’s breakfast meals, yum! In the afternoon, we headed to Megamall to check out a few things and at the same time, just enjoy looking around at gadgets and girly stuff for me. We ended up watching there too, supposedly we we’re to watch at Robinson’s Galleria since it’s near the office but I like it better at Mega Mall. We decided to have dinner first then watch the movie Karate Kid, I thought of eating at the food court since we wanted something cheap, but it was so funny when we passed by Shakey’s I suddenly got un-decided of what to eat, but he knows me well and he was walking reaalllyyy slowly for me to think fast if we should go with Shakey’s or food court. haha. I made up my mind and we went inside Shakey’s. First I recommended that we eat the bunch of lunch, since it has everything already, but to our surprise while browsing at their menu was the Family deal 1 which had: Your choice of pasta or chick’ n chips, pizza, garlic bread and a pitcher of ice tea all for P541. Not bad at all eh? good for 2-3 persons. We also ordered additional Mojo’s n Dip with ceasar dressing, both our favorite!

Image0990                           Mojos and Dip with ceaser dressing served hot P85

Image0991                                                                            Pasta

Image0993                                                                                Pizza

Image0992                                                                      Garlic Bread

  This is such a good deal that I noticed most of the customers are ordering the same thing but others opted for chicken. It was quirky actually, ^_^ The food was served freshly cooked and importantly hot! When I saw the servings of the pasta I thought we couldn’t finish it because it was a-lot! the bits of meat was so flavorful it’s a rave. He also loved it that he finished off the plate, we both just love pasta so much (Can’t wait to cook for him).

  As for the pizza, I’m not a fan of their Pizza both thin and thick crust. I don’t know why, I just don’t. It’s not that their pizza is bad, maybe it’s the combination of flavors or something. The garlic bread was as usual not bland at all, another spoon of approval. Our total bill cost us around P687.75 and tipped the waiter for fast and good service. ^_^ As usual, they always ask if we can answer a survey sheet which we gladly answered and at the back of the survey is -

Image0994   His avatar of himself. Sorry for the bad lighting it’s too yellowish. I think it’s a good idea that he makes this every time he eats out, who knows people may wonder who this guy is right? Here’s a sneak peek of his works He’s both a gamer and an artist

Shakey’s  isn’t really new but we keep coming back when we crave for pasta and Mojo’s. I guess it’s the service that makes it different to us customers. So far, the branches which has good customer service are SM Bicutan and Megamall Ortigas.

By the way, I couldn’t resist but take this picture, gotta love Puss in Boots right?

puss in boots

My Verdict: 4/5 spoons (the 3.5 for food and the additional point goes to their customer service)

Of course we’ll be eating there again when we crave for pasta!

More blog posts coming up!




  1. Looking at these photos made me hungry. I hope I can still have food delivered by them at this time. x) Thanks for sharing and enjoy the weekend!

  2. @sugar sugar: yeah, I can vouch for the pasta, yummy! Happy weekend to you too XD


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