Wednesday, June 16, 2010

L’oreal Damage Repair Shampoo


Happy Tuesday Ladies, how are you all doing so far? As for me sleep deprived as usual and looking forward for my day off from work (just one more day). Well it’s the 15th so payday again, WOOT! I’ve managed to budget my money just in time for the big step of “ensuring” my future, hehe. A good friend of mine and I plan to have a girl’s out pampering day this September, so we can have enough time to save up, which is a good idea too! It’s been a while since we spent time together or even talk since she’s in the morning shift and I’m on graveyard shift. I hope that we can push through with our plan.


Anyway, I just couldn’t resist buying the new product of L’oreal, aside from the many products they have out there (shampoo products), this was the only thing that made me want to buy and hope that it is effect as they say in the commercial. So here it is

Image0988                                            The 375ml P270 and 180ml P165


   Aside from this being a need, it is also a want so it serves as rewarding myself, I got much a much higher pay as expected which was a surprise. Maybe next month it will be cut by a thousand due to taxes, etc. Maybe in 2 weeks I hope there will be a (if not big, maybe slight) difference with my hair and will make a review in 2 weeks time. I also bought food for the office since I plan to just make baon at work. Mostly asian spicy noodles, hot choco, chips and century tuna’s corned tuna (yeah I know it isn’t very healthy) haha!


  Well, it’s still a long week ahead, till then!



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