Friday, June 18, 2010

Karate Kid


  I wanted to make separate blog about the movie Karate Kid and this is my first attempt in making a movie review, it deserves one as well, it was too good than expected.

karatekid2010 Well of course, the first time I saw the trailer I was so-so about this movie and was even hesitant with Jaden Smith, but after it showed,  it received good reviews and comments, even my nephew enjoyed it and he’s just 7 years old!

  It couldn’t be helped, it has to be compared with the old movie, which I watched as a kid and never enjoyed it. This is the one I’m talking about

images  It has almost a different plot though, as the new Karate Kid portrayed by Jaden Smith has a “deeper” dilemma, he lives in China and feels like an outcast and bullied by a Chinese boy who turns out to practice Karate as a sport. And Jackie Chan a maintenance guy who knows the art and there’s a story behind him. Not just him, being a master and teaching. I’m not bad mouthing the old movie okay, I’m just a sucker for good stories really.

  For Jackie Chan, this wasn’t his usual role that he portrays and it just proves that he is a very flexible actor. He did very well (in my opinion) with his acting and of course at his age man, he can still do karate! haayaaah! lol. And for Jaden Smith this will definitely open doors for him. Upon filming this movie, his dad and mom Will and Jada we’re part of the producers and man, Jaden so looks like his dad. A complete carbon copy, even the facial expressions. I still have a hang over this movie and deserves a 2nd watching. All I can say is that I love this movie a lot, deserves in my list of favorite movies.

My verdict: 4/5 popcorns


  1. I wanted to watch this movie but I can't seem to find time.. hmm. need to catch up with my movies now, i'll probably go check it out tomorrow night! =)

    Btw, just followed you and just wanna say Happy Father's day to ur dad! =)
    You can also visit my blog if u have some time.

  2. @Lady Mitchelli: You should watch it, I never expected anything in this film turns out to be a surprise for me though. Thanks for the greet, though my dad doesn't exist anymore, lol. Thanks for following me and I also followed your blog.


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