Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Updates on upcoming posts


   Hello Ladies, Here’s a list of updates that I will be posting hopefully by Friday or Saturday this week. First of:

    • L’oreal Damage Repair Shampoo

    • Garnier self heating mask

    • Chosen owner of Set 1 – Human Nature Tomato and Lemongrass Toner, etc from

    • Espresso comics – something very new for us to check out! cool!


         I hope I can do all of these with a thorough review all in one day. Since I’ve been lacking on posts for the past few days. Also I will be coming up with a new project but can’t tell for now, It’s just a little baby project and hope it goes well. Just a hint, it’s not about make-up or food wink. So I hope you’re doing all fine, as for me still the same with work and more responsibilities at home since our maids left this Monday, man I hope we find a decent maid soon. I do enjoy reading all of your wonderful posts, keep it coming!


    Till then!




    1. Does the little baby project have something to do with cats? hehe.:)

    2. @salmoncat: Oh,hahaha. Well not really, you'll know eventually :)


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