Friday, June 18, 2010

WIFI Ready baby!


I’m now techie Kitty as BF then tells me last night. I was able to install the router at home and now we’re WIFI ready baby! WOOT! it’s an achievement for me actually, I didn’t have to depend on anyone upon installing (although, asked a few questions to BF through skype). But everything else was done by myself and it was surprisingly easy. Just follow the instructions provided by the CD and the rest is a breeze.

The first thing to do is insert the CD and the instructions for installing the router is provided already. It’s actually really easy, and I think I don’t have to tell the run down on how to do it.



                                                                 The Router


                              Inside the box, router, extra cable, charger

Although I’m still in the same place where I usually surf (dining table). The wifi works in my brothers room which is good, but in my room i think the signal is quite bad, but I’ll try again later to check. And good thing about it is, I don’t or we don’t have to constantly remove the ethernet cable every time we want to use it. My brother is now happy that he can surf in his laptop at his room any time he wants to. We don’t have to wait for someone’s turn to finish, haha! Although I hope that they bought the wifi with a bigger range since there are so many walls at home. But it’s good. I was surprised actually that mom bought a wifi.

Just wanted to share my experience with you guys, so if a dummy like me can install a router, I’m pretty much sure you can too!


Techie Kitty, Wifi ready! lol




  1. hi there!
    just wanna ask how much did you bought it?
    coz i'm planning to buy a router :)
    btw, i'm a new follower


  2. @RHian: First off, thank you very much for being a new follower of my blog, highly appreciated! As for the router, my sister bought this for P2,100+ but from what I see at malls it costs around 2K flat, depending on the need of the WIFI though. ^_^


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