Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Surprise


Happy Sunday Ladies! Hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend. Traveling every Sunday is just a breeze in the MRT, just wished it was always like that specially on weekdays.

For today’s “little” surprise which I wasn’t expecting made my day a little better. I wanted to attend Espresso Comics’ Launch last Saturday but couldn’t get off to work (more about Espresso comics So, the BF then told me how the event went and I was hoping to get free copy of the comics but told me there was only one copy of the magazine comics, then slowly handed me a Garnier loot bag from the event.





  It was sweet of him actually, when he gave me the bag I felt I was a kid being handed a bag of candies. Pretty much the same reaction at that time :) Thanks so much dear, I really appreciate it much. The facial wash and toner is nothing new to try since I’ve been using this for a month now, although I haven’t tried the self heating mask yet. I will be making my review about it on the first try and if I like it that much then I’ll definitely be buying this for sure. My week ended with a nice touch and I love it!


  Remember my post about the Nature’s Spa Shampoo, well I can’t give a thorough review about it yet since I didn’t buy the conditioner variant. I stopped using this as I noticed that it doesn’t do anything in my hair, or maybe because I should have bought the peach one which is for dull hair. So, I just used this for my 2 cats, haha. Yeah I know! but it would be a waste if I just leave this unused right?

                                                 This is what I’m talking about


  But I’m not sure if I’ll be buying this again, I knew I should have bought the L’oreal Shampoo. But I’m glad I didn’t because there’s a new product that came out just recently I believe, The L'oreal New Total Repair Shampoo and Anne Curtis is the endorser for this product. This is what my hair needs, I’ve been recently conscious about how frizzy and dry it is so I’m giving this product a shot.


loreal total repair damage


That’s all for now! My kitties says goodnight too!





  1. Awww the kitty is soooo adorable! :3 I suppose he just got pampered with the Nature's Spa shampoo. LOL! x)

    You're bf is so sweet. You're lucky to have him.

  2. @Sugar sugar: I suppose so, haha.ROFL! Aww, thanks dear, I really am ^_^


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