Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 3 with Nokia N900


Hello there! It’s been a very busy week lately, hope you’re  all doing okay. Well, this is my day with the N900, so here are a couple of things that I’ve noticed. I don’t really use facebook games with the N900 as for installing for a flash player seems difficult, and there’s no reason to since I can use the PC or laptop. So far, I think the N900 is pretty good for browsing the net like emails, facebook, twitter or my blogs. I tried playing another video yesterday and it seemed really slow, but I don’t expect much when it comes to that. Since my needs are mostly for browsing the net only. One of my concerns are, the battery life, it doesn’t seem to last 1 day specially if you use it a lot. Secondly, the texting part, eventually I got used to using the keypad itself, but it’s quite difficult to use when you are charging the phone or when you need to use the number keys. So this is what made my life more easier

Image1141                                                        I am so loving this feature

   As for texting, it’s quite organized since it shows the conversation between you and the sender. But the settings are very limited in the message settings.

  Third, for some reason the picture quality isn’t great at all, I expected a lot here since this is a 5MP Carl Zeiss with flash feature and somehow my nokia 5130 takes better pictures (just a teenie bit better), and I don’t know why? I still have to play around with the settings, but so far it’s a rant not a rave. :(

  Here’s a sample picture I took with the N900


                                                   My work station, quite messy

20100729_011                                         My girls, Cathie and Emili (no flash)

  I have yet to try the camera with food pictures, maybe this weekend. I just love how the browsing feature is with the N900 which is a rave!

  I don’t really need much with the phone, important factors for me are, good quality pictures, wifi – browsing social media sites, and skype, larger internal memory for my music and video recordings.

That’s all for now!



  1. @n900 user: thanks for the tip! appreciate it much, will download it asap. ^_^


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