Friday, July 02, 2010

Jollibee: Chicken Menudo


On to food, before heading for work, I was craving for Jollibee’s french fries, so I went to Robinsons Galleria to buy some food and snacks for work. Till I found a new product line which is the Chicken Menudo combo, the combination that goes with it is shanghai rolls with their sweet sauce. Here’s how it looks like

chicken menudo meal

Sorry for the image quality. Surprisingly, this was not a disappointment for me. It costs P65 ala cart. I hated Jollibee’s Chicken BBQ, it was that bad (for my taste okay?),  For the taste of chicken menudo, it was pretty good, not that great but good for a fast food joint. I definitely recommend this! Worth the P65 bucks!

My verdict: 3.8/5 spoons

By the way, I found a new foodie fave at Country style down our office,  sadly it’s only open from Mon-Fri. I was curious about their donuts, because usually I just order sandwiches from them. I tried their Nutty Caramel, though I forgot how much it was, I was in a hurry to get home, I bought wrap a dog and nutty caramel and total was around P60+ wasn’t able to take pictures, too hungry, haha. I’ll be buying some tomorrow morning and will post the picture. Man, it was love.  Will make a review about soon.


  1. I also like Country Style especially their donuts! I'm gonna try that chicken menudo the next time I order from Jolibee. :)

  2. @Sugar sugar: I was surprised with their taste of their donuts actually. I'm not much of a fan of donuts, only when I crave for it. Yeah, try it, it's worth your money. Now I'm hungry, lol. ^_^

  3. Chicken menudo talaga? I'm not really a fan of Jollibee as their food literally makes me sick, not throw up but literally sick in bed. But once in a while, I can eat their food, in moderation. My mom didn't like the chicken bbq either. I think I'll give this menudo a try. I really love your food posts Kitten! A foodie after my own heart.

  4. @Lady E: yes, the chicken pieces are soft and the sauce is pretty good to my taste actually. Yeah, their BBQ chicken sucks big time (sorry jollibee). Let me know if you'll like it ^_^

    Aww thanks so much, I look forward to reading your food posts too, and will try to try them when i have enough time.

  5. Hubby and I should try this. I never knew Jollibee offers Menudo in their menu.

    I agree with you. Their chicken bbq is a disappointment. Di talaga sya masarap ever.

    Lots of love,

  6. @Golden: Yup, try it out. I'm not sure when they came out with this, since I rarely watch TV nowadays. I just hope it's not a limited edition thing.



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