Friday, July 02, 2010

Single to In a Relationship

Hello ladies? how’s it going for the week? Mine has been a bliss. I guess I’m just simply thankful to get back together with my love, and I sure did learn a couple of things when it comes to relationship and being a better person. Of course I haven’t changed completely but I believe I’m getting there. When BF and I broke up, a lot of our friends were really surprised, actually more of in shock. In our group of friends way back in college we are one of those solid couples ever, of course there were some fights here and there. 4 years passed and until the event happened (Well, it was my fault really), we broke up for a month and a few days and when our status changed to Single, friends reacted as if it was a joke. I guess they just really see how much we love each other and how serious we are in our relationship. It was sad, but it was for the best, we both needed space to think about our relationship and fix ourselves, have some breathing space. Fast forward, just this Tuesday after he got back from vacation was a normal day for me, (even if we broke up a few weeks after we were friends, we chat, eat together, but very civil), so what I thought was a normal chat, turned out to be a surprise. I guess his trip made him realize a lot of things. We talked and then he asked if I could check his status

I was really surprised and had a big smile on my face. We never really talked about how will we get back with each other. Glad to be back with you sweetie, he says. As much as he wanted to tell it to me in person, I was at work and it was his off. And with our status changed to single from In a relationship, friends we’re happy and we didn’t expect people would comment either. It was cute actually.

Sorry If I’m being mushy or cheezy or what, I’m just happy bare with me, haha!
Till my next post!



  1. I'm very happy for you my dear. Best wishes to the both of you!



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