Thursday, July 01, 2010

Love a second time around


Hello my readers! How are you all doing so far? For today’s post, it’s not about make up or food. Just wanted to share something that really  made me happy, I won’t go into details as I’m a bit of a private person, (showbiz? haha) Let’s just say that, what I’ve recently learned about love are a couple of things; it takes two to tango and that love is not what binds 2 people together, it’s the commitment to stay with each other, well said by a good friend of mine. Thanks E! Yes, I know all of these before, it’s easy to know but harder to understand, and I did, the hard way. After a month of contemplation, we’ve both realized a lot of things, especially on my part and I’m glad that slowly, I’ve changed my bad habits of mine for myself and for our relationship. Love is indeed sweeter the 2nd time around (but that depends on the reason of your time apart, if it involves cheating, hell no am I taking you back and vice versa, there is no excuse of cheating!)

And so, we had a wonderful date yesterday after work. Had breakfast together and the weather was perfect because it was raining a bit. During breakfast he said he wanted to talk about something and I was baffled, wondering what it was about. Then he got my hand, (oh my god I thought he was going to propose or something, haha) then wore this in my wrist

Image1045  He recently got back from a 3 day trip to Boracay with his family, and I kept insisting that I wanted a keychain. He just keeps on saying, I’ll see what I can do. lol! I got something better and it made my heart melt at that time. Story behind it, years before, we use to wear a friendship bracelet, but of course things like knotted accessories don’t last forever and after 2 years both got destroyed. So this is the replacement he says, though of course he can’t wear pearls, lol! I think these are fresh water pearls, but regardless I love it! I asked, “why pearls?”, he said “I could’ve gotten silver or gold, but these were the most expensive things in the island.” Awwwww, such a sweetie! I got up then he said, wait. There’s something else, which is this:

Image1046  He wore it in my neck, I was just speechless and smiling because I wasn’t expecting anything this much. Something so beautiful and elegant, he really knows my taste wink at BF. Thanks so much babe, I really love your pasalubong ^_^

The necklace would have to be worn on a special occasion or something, but the pearl bracelet is what I’ll always be wearing everyday, to remind me of him. I wouldn’t say that this is a continuation of our 4 year relationship, but a fresh new start. When we went out, we both felt like a new couple and it was really nice. We headed to Cash and Carry Makati to have lunch and buy a few things, had lunch at Yellow Cab (which by the way I’ll blog about maybe tomorrow) and bought Selecta’s Gold premium Chocolate truffles. Perfect way to end the day, despite looking haggard since I just got out from work, he didn’t care and said, you still look beautiful to me hun. Another awwww moment, hehe. As I say, cheers to us hun! it was a grand celebration of rekindling our love once again and for the last time never ever letting go. Looking forward for more dates with him. Sorry, If I’m sounding so cheesy, haha!

Till my next post!




  1. WOW! :)

    That's totally sweet and the necklace and bracelet are both so pretty. :3

    Hugs hugs!

  2. @sugar sugar: Thanks dear! ^__^


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