Sunday, July 04, 2010

Ravioli + other things


   Happy Sunday my readers, very hot weather we have today huh? Heads up, another food post / discovery from me. Last night, BF recommended to me to eat at Ravioli, it’s a pasta kiosk along food court of Robinson’s Galleria. It’s everything pasta. They have this meal to choose from, the pasta carbonara with chicken and / or the spaghetti bolognese with chicken for P128. At first, looking at the picture, I thought the serving of the pasta was rather small since it is a meal, but when we got my order, it was a full serving of pasta with the chicken and a slice of garlic bread. Now, their noodles is not the typical instant noodles, you can tell by it’s texture. It’s homemade and it’s good! damn good actually. I can root for their Bolognese pasta, not sure about the others. Pictures below

Image1057                                                           The breaded chicken

Image1056                                                            Spaghetti Bolognese

This is such a great food find, specially when you are craving for pasta, well for their other dishes, prices range from P100+ and up (can’t remember too clearly where the price starts), BF said the Shrimp Diablo is good too, I was surprised they use home made noodles, and for the sauce it was meaty and very flavorful, usually you expect some combo meals to suck, but for this one, it’s definitely a two thumbs up for me! For the price of P128, it’s not that bad, it also comes with garlic bread (forgot to take a picture). You can tell that I really enjoyed eating my pasta huh? haha. Well, there are other dishes available too that I just might try out soon. But my favorite must be their Bolognese.

Though, I haven’t seen other Ravioli branches in other areas. You can find Ravioli at Robinson’s Galleria, Ortigas, ground floor.

My Verdict: 4.5/5 spoons (for this particular order and you get your food 5mins max)

OT: I went to Watsons earlier and bought my man Old Spice body spray, it’s costs around P260. It smelled so good on him and I love it! I also bought the reviewed chocolate mask by askmewhats and will try it out tonight. I was tempted to buy the Myra E vita glow tinted moisturizer, but I wasn’t sure, since I have oily face it might give me added extra shine (because of the tint glow) and I don’t want that. I stayed away from make-up since I have to buy my kitties their monthly supply, haha.


Enjoying the weekend so far? I hope you all are ^_^

Till then!



  1. Looks yummy! I wish I lived near Galle. :D

  2. Sabi ni mom malagkit daw ung Myra tinted moisturizer (coz I gave her mine) kahit hindi masyadong mainit. Basta when she sweats, lumalagkit na. Just thought I'd let you know. = )

  3. @Lady E: I see, well I've decided not to buy it na rin, since it's tinted. With the weather we have right now, I can't afford to look all shiny, haha. Thanks for the info ^_^

  4. ok lang un! uso naman ang eclipse! magmumukha kang cullen! peace! = )

  5. @Lady E: waaaa, haha. Meanie, lolz. >.<


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